Piers Morgan Promotes Trump Interview with False Information, Manipulative Editing

Piers Morgan by Digitas Photos

A trailer for the most recent interview Piers Morgan held with former President Trump made the rounds earlier this week.

It depicted Trump abruptly getting up from his seat and telling the crew to “turn the cameras off.”

However, it seems to be yet another move by the media to smudge Trump’s name. An audio recording provided by his spokesmen shows the interview ended on a much brighter note, with the two men shaking hands and laughing together.

Taylor Budovich, Trump’s director of communications, believes deceptive editing was at play, and an audio clip from later on in the interview was spliced with the video footage.

15-year friendship comes to an end

Oddly enough though, the footage matches the tone Morgan struck with his NY Post column; the British interviewer wrote the discussion came to an abrupt stop as Trump called for the cameras to be turned off.

As per usual, sensational journalism refers to underhanded tactics in order to reel the crowd in, despite the cost of a person’s reputation.

Although audio recordings provided by the Trump camp are proof enough to write this off as nothing more than fake news.

Piers Morgan by Chris Wheal

In the column, Morgan also added the former president called him dishonest.

That too seems to have been taken out of context from an earlier point in the interview when Morgan claimed to have one question, only to follow it with a dozen more.

Following the release of the trailer, Trump issued a statement, describing the clip as “deceptively edited.”

Trump said given the fact the interview ran for longer than an hour, it’s clear no one was “storming off“ in the middle of it.

Fake news strike again!

Morgan did write the interview had originally been scheduled for 20 minutes in length, further disproving his own claims that it was cut short.

This prompted criticism from Trump’s spokesman Budovich, who called the trailer a pathetic attempt at reviving a failed TV host’s career.

He didn’t stop there, applauding Trump for once again being in the right and calling Morgan dishonest to his face, an adjective that’s bound to stick around with the journalist after this fiasco.

The interview itself is scheduled to air on April 25th on Piers Morgan Uncensored’s pilot episode. It will be playing on Fox Nation in the United States.

The trailer also touched on the matter of the previous election, with Morgan claiming Trump lost fair and square, after which Trump said “I don’t think you’re real” to the host.

The two have shared an almost 15-year friendship up to this point, starting with Morgan’s victory on Celebrity Apprentice in 2008.

However, after an interview aimed at defaming the former president and a whole video clip packed with false info, that’s likely not to be the case.