Three Sailors Perish in ‘Unrelated’ Mystery Deaths on US Aircraft Carrier

(Facebook photo of Natasha Huffman)

A true mystery surrounds three very recent, but allegedly “unrelated,” cases of sailors perishing one after the other, aboard one of America’s Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.

All three mystery deaths onboard the USS George Washington occurred within under a week.

This led the US Navy to send a team of psychiatric experts to help the crew cope with the losses, according to a report by The Daily Mail.

Two of the Dead Are 23-Year-Old Women

Two of the three sailors who died on the USS George Washington are 23-year-old women, which makes for a bizarre coincidence, if that is what the case really is.

They lost their lives at undisclosed, but “separate,” locations. Their names are Mika’il Rayshawn Sharp, a 3rd Class Retail Services Specialist, and Natasha Huffman, a 3rd Class Interior Communications Electrician.

Sharp was discovered dead on April 9, while Huffman’s dead body was found the following day. Five days later, on April 15, a third victim was also found unresponsive aboard the nuclear-power aircraft carrier.

The three victims have been discovered while the aircraft carrier was undergoing refurbishments in Newport News, Virginia.

Officials of the United States Navy only said more information about the three deaths is yet to be released.

However, the goal of the rapid response psychiatric team dispatched to the aircraft carrier is to avoid more “tragedies.”

101206-N-7103C-384.EAST CHINA SEA (Dec. 06, 2010) Sailors assigned to the Eagles of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 115 move an F/A-18E Super Hornet on the flight deck aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73). George Washington is participating in Keen Sword 2010 with the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force through Dec. 10. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class David A. Cox/Released).

Third Sailor Died in Hospital

The third dead sailor from the crew of the USS George Washington, whose identity is still secret, was apparently found in a severe condition.

Michael Maus, the spokesman for the Naval Air Force Atlantic, told the Navy Times the sailor in question received treatment by the aircraft carrier’s medical team.

He was then taken to Newport News and to the Riverside Regional Medical Center, but passed away there.

The spokesman only said the case remains to be under investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Navy spokeswoman Commodore Reann Mommsen is quoted as saying there hasn’t been any indication of any “correlation among these tragic events.”

The USS George Washington has been known for another unfortunate incident. Back in 2008, it saw a fire break out in the refrigeration and air-conditioning system during a tour in the Pacific.

The blaze, which took 12 hours to put out, injured a total of 37 sailors; though none of them were injured fatally.

The current refurbishment of the USS George Washington was supposed to have been completed by March, but delays caused the revamping to be extended until December 2022.