Four Big Cases Similar to the Casey White / Vicky White Prison Breakout

"Prison break (?)" by Rob Oo

The prisoner Casey White, aided by corrections officer Vicky White, who he referred to as his wife, escaped incarceration nearly two weeks ago.

The fated couple has been on the run since, only recently being apprehended by US Marshalls. The case caught the whole nation’s attention, eventually circulating the globe.

The assistant corrections officer at Lauderdale County Jail in Alabama used her authority to free White, who was facing capital murder charges.

“Break the rules and you go to prison…break the prison rules and you go to Alcatraz…” by Stefano Mazzone

10-day manhunt comes to a close

While it’s an eyebrow-raiser, to say the least, it’s not an isolated case. There have been dozens more like it in the past two decades, with only four reaching mainstream popularity.

The most recent case of the kind is the Clinton Correctional Facility breakout that happened in 2015. Joyce Mitchell, a civilian supervisor, freed two inmates, Richard Matt and David Sweat, from the facility.

Mitchell had apparently developed a “personal relationship” with the two men.

She carried out numerous favors for them during their imprisonment, ultimately delivering them a pair of hacksaw blades they’d use for their escape.

After cutting out holes in the back of their cells and scaling the prison walls, Matt and Sweat became the first prisoners to escape the facility’s high-security section in the past century.

6-foot-2 inmate smuggled out in dog crate

Other times, however, the accomplices were much more creative.

Toby Dorr, a former veterinary clinic employee, who’d launched a Prison Dog program at the Lansing correctional facility in Kansas, resorting to unconventional escape methods.

Namely, Dorr fell in love with one of the prisoners from her program, John Manard. Despite being married at the time, she threw away years of love and care for the 6-foot tattooed inmate.

After engineering the escape plot together, Mannard spent two years practicing fitting into dog crates, using the money laying around the facility for training, after which his lover carried him out in one of them in 2006.

12 days later, the police caught up with the dynamic duo, adding 10 years to Mannard’s life sentence and convicting Dorr for assisting an inmate’s escape.

Nothing compares to motherly love, though.

Sandra Siegler, mother of Jay Junior Siegler, who was serving a 20-year sentence at the time, just couldn’t let her baby rot in Miami’s Everglades Correctional Institute.

The plan was fairly simple and to the point.

Sandra employed the second accomplice to smash into the facility’s security fence, after which she entered with a separate vehicle and picked her son up for the ride.

Fortunately, both of them were caught. Any hints of compassion were lost when the mother testified against Siegler as part of a plea deal to lessen her sentence; although it was later found she’d been the mastermind behind the breakout.

The Casey White case isn’t the only one involving a corrections officer, as a similar one happened in 2008.

The gender roles were reversed, with the inmate being the 29-year-old at the time, Sarah Jo Pender, who was aided in her escape by officer Scott Spitler.

Pender was convicted of killing both her roommates and was serving a 100-year sentence at the time.

However, she managed to pull the correctional officer into a sexual relationship, despite his marital status, ultimately leading him to help her in her escape.

After escaping the Rockville Correctional Facility in Illinois, she managed to stay under the radar for six more years by assuming an alias and moving to a low-income neighborhood in Chicago.