Four-Year-Old Involved in Drug Smuggling Operation at Texas Border

Border Patrol and Texas state police officers discovered a four-year-old kid and his mother while investigating a migrant smuggling scheme, including marijuana and other contraband.

The party of 15 individuals entered the United States with 116 pounds of marijuana.

Agents from the Rio Grande Valley and police from the Texas Department of Public Safety noted a group of approximately 10 to 15 people crossed the Rio Grande River, which separates the United States and Mexico.

This happened around midnight on April 12, as per details given by Border Patrol officials in the state of Texas.

As they entered the Rio Grande at Roma, Texas, it appeared several of the individuals were carrying enormous bundles of marijuana in their possession.

Border Patrol agents discovered 116 pounds of pot being brought into the country by a migrant organization.

At this drug and human smuggling location, many of the passengers of the van sought to flee into the bushes as law enforcement officers approached them.

A search of the region resulted in the detention of 13 migrants who had been in the country unlawfully at the time of their detention.

Migrants Identified

The migrants were identified as citizens of Central American countries, the Dominican Republic, and México by the agents on the scene.

A four-year-old child and his Guatemalan mom were among those who crossed the border, according to authorities. The van driver was not apprehended by authorities.

The agents seized 116 pounds of marijuana, which they believed to be worth more than $93,000 on the black market.

Six attempted human smuggling operations that evolved into car pursuits were intercepted the next day by Border Patrol officers. These officers were working in conjunction with state and local police partners throughout the Rio Grande Valley Division.

More than 40 illegal immigrants were apprehended as a result of the pursuit.

Seven migrants were rescued by agents stationed at the Falfurrias Immigration Crossing on U.S. Highway 281, which is located near the border with Mexico.

Smugglers locked them inside a frozen tractor-trailer. It was reported the temperature within the trailer was 51 degrees.

More Detainees

In the early hours of Thursday morning, agents from the Rio Grande City Department came upon two huge groups of migrants.

Approximately 355 migrants were detained as a result of the encounters, according to government officials.

The groups consisted of 181 single people, 132 relatives, and 42 lone children. The groups were divided into three categories.

The Texas border crisis has gotten worse under the Biden administration.

Border Patrol agents, at this point, feel as if catching illegal immigrants is useless because they’ll end up just being sent on a bus or plane to another city.

Gov. Abbott recently started to send illegal immigrants to Washington D.C. in a move to prove Democrats only want illegal immigrants in red states and not their own backyards.