Republican Lawmaker Seeks to Liberate Canadian Truckers

Republican Representative Yvette Herrell of New Mexico announced on Saturday she will introduce legislation to provide temporary refuge to people who have taken participation in the Freedom Convoy trucker demonstrations.

Herrell added in the same way we grant shelter for political dissidents, we can do the same for truckers who are met with violence, had their property taken, and had their bank accounts frozen by a regime swiftly becoming an embarrassment to the free world.

“It is my intention to introduce legislation that will offer temporary sanctuary to innocent Canadian demonstrators being punished by their own government. We can’t remain quiet when our friends in the north are being treated so terribly,” she said.

Over 170 Canadians Detained

According to the Associated Press, 170 individuals were detained in Ottawa on Friday and Saturday.

This was done in connection with protests against the COVID-19 protocol measures that took place throughout the country on Friday and Saturday.

The protests had been going on for three weeks, but the newswire said the roadway in front of Parliament Hill — where most of the rallies had taken place — was devoid of protestors by early afternoon on Saturday.

The demonstrations had already had economic ramifications, particularly for the car sector, since the demonstrations shut down the Ambassador Bridge, which links Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, for a period of time.

In response to the obstruction, automakers said they were experiencing decreased shifts and component shortages.

On Thursday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated unlawful roadblocks and occupations are not peaceful demonstrations, but rather a danger to employment and communities that must be stopped.

Earlier in the week, he used Canada’s Emergency Act to put a stop to the demonstrations across the country.

However, authorities in the United States are afraid the demonstrations that have taken place in Canada may spread to Washington, D.C., and other US cities.

The Capitol Police Department said they were aware of preparations for truck convoys to arrive in the Capitol around the time of President Biden’s first State of the Union address later next month.

More Details on the Story

A series of truck convoys are expected to arrive in Washington, DC around the time of the State of the Union address.

Law enforcement agencies around the National Capital Region are alerted to the preparations. The United States Capitol Police (USCP) will enable legitimate First Amendment action, as it would with any protest, the Capitol Police stated.

The USCP is working closely with local, state, and law enforcement agencies, including the District of Columbia’s Cosmopolitan Police Department, the US Park Police, the United States Secret Service, and other allied agencies.

These include the District of Columbia National Guard, according to the law enforcement organization.