Trump Says China Will Take Over Taiwan

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin deployed soldiers into eastern Ukraine, President Trump predicted Tuesday “China is going to be next” to strike strongly on the world stage.

Trump suggested Chinese President Xi Jinping will view Russia’s actions against Ukraine as a signal to try to reclaim Taiwan.

Trump said this during an interview with “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show” at Mar-a-Lag-o. “China is next,” he said. “Without a doubt. They wouldn’t have done that with me.”

Trump accused President Joe Biden of the “catastrophe” in Ukraine, claiming “this would never have occurred” under his watch. The Chinese government, he continued, is “waiting until after the Olympics.”

“Look at your stopwatch now that the Olympics are over. That is what Xi desires.”

More Details on the Story

“It’s almost like you have twin sisters here. You have one who wants Taiwan just as desperately as you do — someone asked, ‘Who wants it more?’ I believe I am in the same boat.” He made the comparison between Xi and Putin.

Trump continued, “Putin would never do it, and Xi would never do it under my administration.”

Putin recognized two separatist republics in Ukraine: the Donetsk People’s Republic, along with the Luhansk People’s Republic. On Monday, he followed up with a force deployment the White House has dubbed as an “invasion.”

A White House insider told Fox News, “The invasion has begun. As a result, our sanctions reaction has started.”

After signing an executive order imposing penalties on separatist Ukraine regions on Monday, Biden is set to announce further economic restrictions against Russia.

Meanwhile, officials in the United States and Europe are preparing for a possible refugee influx from Ukraine, increasing fears of a crisis on par with the Syrian refugee crisis of 2015.

“If Russia continues to invade Ukraine, we will witness a massive loss of life and terrible misery.”

“A refugee catastrophe will erupt across Europe as a result of millions of displaced people,” Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield stated at the United Nations Security Council on Monday.

Biden’s Foreign Policy Failures

Foreign policy failures by the Biden administration, beginning with a U.S. military exit from Afghanistan, critics say, have given authoritarian regimes the green light to behave aggressively.

“We are at a vital juncture in world history; our actions today shape it for decades to come,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told the United Nations on Wednesday in New York.

According to Kuleba, his country’s 40 million citizens “only wish to live peacefully and prosperously, not in fear, intimidation, or under Russian fire, bombs, and shelling.”

Trump is absolutely right; none of this was happening while he was president. He was one of the most peaceful presidents to ever take an oath and it’s because leaders around the world respected him.