Judge Deals Massive Blow Towards the FBI

Earlier this month, a federal judge ordered that two covert FBI agents (who posed as members of a far-right militia and were apprehended while preparing to abduct Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer) must give testimony using their real names.

Following the start of the trial in Grand Rapids, Michigan, next week, U.S. District Judge Robert Jonker stated the two agents, who have only been identified as “Mark” and “Red,” will be required to reveal their true identities, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The trial is scheduled to begin next week.

Jonathan Jonker stated the move was made in order to confirm militia leaders Adam Fox (38), Daniel Harris (24), Barry Croft (46), and Brandon Caserta (33) receive a proper trial for their suspected roles in the 2020 plot, which they are accused of orchestrating with five additional members.

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“Making it crystal obvious to the jury and the public that nothing is being kept under wraps and everything is being done in the public will make it fair during trials.”

“It will eventually allow tolerance and respect for what the jury ultimately decides,” Jonker stated in his judgment.

Two of the operatives involved in infiltrating the Wolverine Watchmen group were identified as ‘Mark’ and ‘Red.’

The operation was a sham, with some informants dismissed from the investigation and others charged with misbehavior and promoting criminal acts within the militia.

As detailed in the court records, “Mark” pretended to be a local resident and had been charged with investigating the governor’s vacation residence. “Red” was presented to the gang by “Mark” and claimed to be a deadly assassin who could create bombs for the group.

Fox, Harris, Caserta, and Croft allegedly participated in the militia’s plot to abduct Whitmer because of her COVID-19 mandates.

Prosecutors tried to argue the two federal agents must be allowed to keep their identities hidden because they were associated with other anti-terrorism investigations at the time of their arrests.

Attorneys for the defendants argued the four men had a right to challenge their accusers and know who they were. Their lawyers also said keeping their identities hidden would make it more difficult to conduct appropriate cross-examinations.

Additional Information

The Wolverine Watchmen are said to have been founded by Musico and Morrison, according to an affidavit filed in court.

An FBI informant, known in court on Monday as ‘Dan,’ spoke regarding his communications and talks with the defendants in the investigation against the two men.

He said to the court he’d been attempting to de-escalate the situation and make himself accessible to the FBI.

According to defense attorneys, Dan ended up taking over the training drills and introduced a far higher degree of military techniques.

In his guilty agreement, Franks stated he did not believe anyone he knew in the case had been told to act by spies.