Trump: US Should Bomb Russia, Blame It on China

Former President Trump joked perhaps the United States could deploy F-22 fighter planes flying the Chinese flag over the country to “bomb the crap” out of Russia in order to spark a heated conflict between the two nations.

After making an apparent parody of Fox News host Sean Hannity’s talking points during a retreat in New Orleans for RNC donors, Trump elicited a roar of laughter when he suggested the United States bomb Russia and blame it on another country.

“Then we say, ‘China did it,'” Trump stated, according to a CBS News source who requested anonymity on the matter. “At that point, they start to fight with one another, and we just sit back and watch.”

In addition, the former president chastised Joe Biden over his management of the Ukraine crisis.

Biden is Making America Look Weak

It is imperative that Biden cease and desist from asserting that we would never strike Russia, due to the fact they are a nuclear state.

Trump made the statement, “Do you have any idea who’s really saying this? ‘We will not attack Russia,’ we say, regardless of whether it is true or not, because, as you know, they’re a nuclear power.’ “Oh, thank you for informing us.”

Though not explicitly stated, Trump’s satirical remarks seem to be a parody of sentiments made by Hannity last week, in which he advocated for NATO to strike Russian convoys and afterward blame the attack on a third party.

“When we can see the location of the convoy on satellite imaging, I’m not sure whether some clever nation would send in some fighter aircraft or use drones to destroy the whole convoy, but I’m thinking it’s possible.”

“Then, no one takes the credit for it, so Putin won’t know who to blame when he responds,” Hannity said this week.

The president is threatening nuclear weapons, and you’re talking about nuclear war,’ Hannity says.

“I’m not advocating nuclear war, but neither would I support the deployment of even a single American soldier on the ground in this country. However, when is this going to come to an end?” he inquired.

Lindsey Graham Speaks Out

As part of his remarks, Hannity suggested that Putin must be executed, an opinion that was repeated by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

Last week, President Trump stepped up his anti-Russian rhetoric after the press criticized him for being a Putin defender for praising the Russian despot as “clever” and “very astute,” as the invasion of Ukraine got started.

Trump then referred to Russia’s incursion as “a Holocaust” while discussing the war with Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business. Trump pleaded with Moscow to “stop murdering these people” when speaking with her on Fox Business.