$9M Deficit Recorded by BLM, Yet Executives Walked Away With Their Pockets Full

Last year, the borderline terrorist organization BLM closed its books with a deficit of almost $9 million. One would assume this would lead to some major cuts in the organization, particularly among the executives.

However, no such thing happened. Millions were still paid to organizers, executives, and just about anyone related to Patrisse Cullors, the founder and former CEO of the organization.

Who keeps giving money to these people?

Cullors was involved in a fair share of incidents regarding misuse of the organization’s money. It was revealed that she used BLM donation money to buy several mansions and hold private parties, all at the expense of the gullible liberals that gave her the money.

If you look at the filings for the nonprofit, you’ll notice they recorded a revenue of $8.5 million, while also spending well over $17 million last year.

That being said, the deficit has a much greater impact if you account for the fact that BLM’s budget was increased to $42 million last year, meaning the group now has “only” $30 million in assets.

This outlines a spending spree of almost $60 million of the $90 million raised, the majority of which was spent by Patrisse Cullors. She dismissed the funds as “white guilt money,” almost as if she were proud of the money she’d taken.

$125k for graffiti “art” is one hell of a salary

Millions were paid to organizations and companies owned by Cullors’ friends and associates, including a company owned by the Shalomyah Brothers, who took over when Cullors abandoned BLM.

An audit of BLM’s previous business engagements showed the group paid over $1.6 million to Bowers’ company for what they called “management and consulting” services, which practically reads “a whole lot of nothing.”

What’s even worse, Bowers then used these donations to funnel money into his own accounts. He vehemently this denied after he was accused of doing irreparable harm to BLM by the group’s sister organization, Black Lives Matter Grassroots.

The money trail doesn’t end there.

Dozens of loose ends were found in the group’s finances, ranging from Cullors’ graffiti artist brother, who was paid $125k last year, and another $15k in other compensations.

No matter how you look at it, BLM is a joke. It’s being used to funnel money into the personal accounts of a few “activists” constantly trying to rally crowds of protesters riddled with “white guilt” in order to secure even more funding.