Alleged FBI Informant Ray Epps Will Testify Before January 6th Committee

Alleged FBI informant Ray Epps will sit down in a transcribed interview with members of the January 6th committee to discuss his activities on January 5th and 6th.

Epps was formerly on the FBI’s wanted list after several videos of him screaming, ‘let’s not go the Capitol, but let’s go inside’ went viral.

Trump supporters, in one video, even called Epps a federal agent because he was attempting to incite violence, a tactic that agent provocateurs working for the FBI have used for decades.

Epps previously sat down with the January 6th committee and stated he had no relationship with the FBI whatsoever.

The January 6th committee is almost a year late in interviewing Epps. He was previously in the militia group, the Oath Keepers.

However, the FBI has been known to infiltrate militia groups all around the United States in order to keep up with their activities.

The Meeting is Just a Formality

Twitter sleuths first pointed out Epps at the Trump rally, encouraging people to enter into the Capitol building way back in January.

The FBI never arrested Epps, which was strange, considering they arrested elderly people who didn’t promote violence like Epps, but rather they took a few steps inside of the Capitol building.

Tucker Carlson is the one who brought Epps’ name to the masses’ attention after he covered the Epps story on his show.

One thing that oddly sticks out about the January 6 committee’s decision to interview Epps is they never issued a subpoena for his communication records as they did to conservative voices, such as Steve Bannon, Gen. Flynn, Alex Jones, and Eric Trump.

This makes the committee’s decision to interview Epps fishier because it seems as if they will interview him and stop their investigation there.

Trump Called Out the FBI at His Rally

During his rally in Florence, Arizona, Trump called out the FBI.

Trump asked his supporters, ‘how many trespassers in the Capitol were FBI informants?’ He then followed up his question by calling out Epps for his alleged FBI connections.

Instead of stopping crimes, the FBI is starting to instigate people into committing crimes; then, when they stop the attacks, the FBI portrays themselves as heroes.

For instance, they “stopped” the kidnapping plot of Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, but court findings later revealed the main leader and mastermind of the plot was an FBI informant.

The FBI and the CIA have been staging false flags for decades.

One of the most infamous plans the CIA attempted to stage was Operation Northwoods. This was a plan by the CIA to launch terrorist attacks in Florida and blame them on the Cubans in order to start a war.

President Kennedy said no to the CIA’s plan and ended up assassinated a year after.