Almost 700 Professors in the US Signed Letter Opposing the Constitution!

If you’ve been keeping up with the times recently, you’re well aware of the damage that’s been done to this country’s legacy. The left has been denouncing our 1st and 2nd Amendments at every step of the way.

Most recently, a large group of professors at the University of North Carolina signed an open letter opposing a law that would require them to teach this about the early stages of the American government and the documents used to create it.

Academics deny this country’s foundation

They argued the courses proposed by the new legislation are an infringement on the university’s academic freedom; whereas all the woke courses the left allowed to slip by somehow weren’t.

This only goes to show just how two-faced the educational institutions have become.

The first part of the aforementioned legislation would require students to take a three-hour course on America’s foundation and history.

The reading for the course included the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Emancipation Proclamation, and a series of essays and letters from the most influential figures in US history.

In fact, what’s even more strange, is the professors are opposing a course that promotes equality; it includes several letters from Martin Luther King Jr., something the BLM crowd would go crazy over.

Nevertheless, learning about core values this country once stood for is somehow labeled as being in violation of academic freedom. It can even be considered ideological force-feeding, even though it’s nothing short of history.

In the end, it’s all about the money

It may be the second part of the bill that really got the academics fired up. This requires the University of North Carolina and all its related campuses to remove tenure, establish minimum class sizes, and report all research conducted at the institution.

This would mean incredible losses for several of the programs at the university. STEM research has moved far ahead of social studies, which are practically what these hacks calling themselves academics live off of.

The 673 professors signing the bill decried both parts of the legislation as a blatant attack on their expertise, even claiming the courses on American history could easily be considered as indoctrination of sorts.

The infamous letter claims the leaders of this nation continue to disregard the autonomy of educational institutions and make continued attacks on the expertise of personnel doing their work.