America is Turning Into Joe Biden’s Drug-Fueled Nightmare

Joe Biden came into office promising unity and healing. Instead, he’s sent inflation sky-high and turned America into a nation of drug addicts.

Take a look at the once-great city of Philadelphia, which has become America’s new Zombieland. Drug addicts are scattered around every corner of the city, roaming like zombies.

How is this seriously happening at this level in a major American city?

Trying Out ‘Tranq’

The city is now full of drug addicts, who, in addition to using drugs anywhere around town, are also committing armed crimes at an extremely alarming rate.

It’s depressing to see people using drugs, roaming the streets in a soulless daze among the garbage. The epidemic has tarnished the city’s legacy of being a pleasant place.

The drug that has become the most widely used among Phillie addicts is Xylazine, known more commonly as ‘tranq.’ This drug is a lethal sedative, capable of surpassing the effects of cocaine, fentanyl, and heroin.

Welcome To Zombieland

Philadelphia is becoming a true ‘Zombieland’. Wherever you look, you can see addicts wandering aimlessly or lying in on the sidewalks.

Local charity director Sarah Laurel said she had never seen people in such bad condition, including folks with open wounds and life-threatening illnesses.

Addicts with serious injuries refuse to go to hospitals, for fear of being forced to undergo rehab.

Xylazine can be consumed in several ways; when mixed with other drugs, it becomes a time bomb in the body of those who use it. The side effects of the drug are devastating and can easily lead to overdose.

This Needs To Stop!

The number of drug overdose deaths has risen alarmingly since a year ago in Philadelphia. As fentanyl and tranq use skyrockets, deaths continue to go up. It’s only getting worse under “progressive” prosecutor Larry Krasner.

He’s letting addicts and criminals roam at will and the consequences are there for all to see. Truly sad!

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.