Americans Look to Biden to Deliver on Economic Promises

Since Biden’s time in the White House, the economy has not been in very good shape. Many people are barely able to afford living expenses. Some folks are going into debt and others are having to make tough decisions as money gets tighter.

During the State of the Union address earlier in the week, Biden talked about the economy in some interesting ways.

He noted people are struggling. Though as some critics pointed out, many economic struggles that Americans face today are largely due to the policies of the Biden administration.

Nevertheless, certain points that Biden made, such as the economy not being “fair,” have struck a chord with some Americans. Now, it remains to be seen what the president will actually do about it, as The Hill pointed out.

Focusing on the Economy

During the State of the Union address, Biden mentioned that Americans are getting ripped off by big pharmaceutical companies, junk fees from banks, and more.

As far as the latter goes, the president proposed using the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to ensure that bank fees for overdrafts do not supersede $8.00.

Other Americans stated they resonated with the president mentioning that many folks aren’t doing well. Some expressed they believe more taxes should be placed on wealthy folks in order to even things out for the middle class.

However, in cases where this has been tried, many job creators have taken their businesses elsewhere. Ironically, despite Biden discussing a “two-tiered tax system” during his address earlier this week, he’s been accused of dodging his own tax payments in years past.

Pushback From Republicans

While most of the country can agree that the economy is not doing well, many Americans of different political persuasions vary in assigning blame for why the country is struggling.

Since the State of the Union address, numerous GOP lawmakers, commentators, and others on the right have been calling out Biden. It is their view that the economy today is a product of how the president and his congressional allies have led since getting into office.

Right now, the GOP has control of the House of Representatives. This will give the party a reasonable amount of say over the nation’s economic policies going forward.

On Twitter, Biden has continued to speak out about the ills of the modern-day economy. Yet, he’s still getting heat from Republicans who say he needs to look in the mirror and adjust his agenda to fix the problems Americans are facing today.

What do you think about the comments Joe Biden made when discussing the economy at the State of the Union address? You can let us know in the comments area if you think the president is responsible for current economic problems.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.