AOC Has Awakening About Indigenous Heritage While Protesting?

Once again, AOC has taken to social media to voice her questionable opinions on the government.

This time, she was streaming on Instagram live, claiming Congress, which she is a part of, mind you, to be a corrupt institution!

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Aside from being completely oblivious to some of the basic principles our government operates on, she seems to be quite the hypocrite as well.

If she’s as displeased with Congress as she says she is, why hasn’t she quit yet?

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ SXSW” by nrkbeta

Ocasio-Cortez checks diversity boxes with her “indigenous roots“

The fact is this: Congress is corrupt.

AOC isn’t wrong on that one, especially as she admitted Democrats to be a large part of it. However, it doesn’t change that she’s one of the things making it that much worse with her divisive ideologies and downright horrible takes.

However, she diverts a majority of the blame on the men of both Congress and America as a whole.

She is claiming young men to have been radicalized by right-leaning media, whereas nonbinary youth and trans people aren’t the “root of all evil” as she’s insinuating.

If she’s trying to push the narrative that trans individuals don’t commit violent crimes, she’s dead wrong.

In 2020, a trans student at a Colorado high school was sentenced to life in prison for killing one person and heavily wounding eight other students.

Naturally, the statistics do show a large portion of mass shooters in America’s history were men.

However, the left’s indecisiveness when it comes to defining the term “woman” suddenly disappears when it’s time to set some parameters for what men are.

Tucker Carlson is to blame for Buffalo shooting?

AOC then segued into the media topic, blaming Tucker Carlson for the Buffalo mass shooting.

She did so on account of there being citations from his show in the shooter’s “clearly written manifesto,” despite the shooter’s negative opinions about Fox TV and associate networks.

She then went on to ramble about democracy in the US.

AOC was completely unaware that our country was founded as a constitutional republic, specifically due to the dozens of issues that come with “pure” democracy.

Ocasio-Cortez is clearly not familiar with the Constitution she swore an oath to when she stepped up to her position in Congress.

She was visibly displeased with how the presidency isn’t decided by the popular vote and that senators in populous states don’t get any additional power.

Naturally, she closed out her Instagram rampage with some pandering to minorities, playing up her “indigenous roots” by claiming she’d felt something awaken inside of her during the Standing Rock Pipeline protests.

AOC then felt the need to point out just how “diverse” she is, citing nearly a dozen different cultures that are a “part of her heritage,” as a person with European, Jewish, and African ancestry.