Barbie Goes Transgender as Mattel Launches New Doll

"Barbie" by Mike Mozart

Barbie revealed a new doll earlier this week, this time depicting an actual celebrity from Hollywood, Laverne Cox.

Cox is the transgender star who made her debut on the Netflix show Orange is The New Black.

Cox was welcomed to NBC’s Today Show on Wednesday. She appeared in an uncharacteristically dolled up look, perhaps even hinting at the collaboration with the toy manufacturing giant.

“Laverne Cox takes the stage at the Missouri Theatre” by KOMUnews

Toy company Mattel jumps on the trans-pandering craze

In fact, the celebrity-themed doll comes as a way of honoring the actress on her 50th birthday, which is on May 29th. She was dressed in a silver bodysuit and high-heel boots with a red ball gown to complete the look.

Representation for representation’s sake is always as toxic as can be.

It only gets worse if the product in question is aimed at children, in this case specifically, very young children who won’t have a grasp on the concept of sexuality for at least another half a decade.

In fact, it’s gotten to the point where Walt Disney caved to the pressure of the LGBT community.

Disney now offers “Pride Collection” souvenirs at Disney World gift shops. While it’s evident that adults do visit these theme parks as well, the topic has no place in areas meant for children, like the toy section at Walgreens for example.

Unfortunately, identifying as everything, but what you actually are, seems to be “trendy” among younger generations these days.

With their collective pull on social media, you don’t want to get on their bad side if you’re trying to run a business.

Gender-neutral Mr. Potato Head

As for actual toys, that’s a whole different story.

The trans celebrity Barbie is certainly not too big of a shock, considering it’s been less than a month since Barbie revealed its latest Pregnant Ken doll set.

This came as well as their “politically active“ Barbie doll with her female-only staff.

It’s baffling how fast things take a turn for the worse.

Even just two years ago, the word “transgender” had no real pull on the media; it most certainly wasn’t on our kids’ toy boxes and school textbooks.

Some ten years ago, we wouldn’t have dreamt in our worst nightmares that this is what America would turn into culturally, but here we are. As it seems, the transformation isn’t even fully complete.

If toys weren’t enough, we’ve seen the trans community push their narrative into education as well, going as far as encouraging middle-school-aged children to begin identifying as transgender through secretive meetings.

After this was discovered, it didn’t take long for left-leaning media to cover the story up; you can’t push your agendas if the people peddling them are branded as groomers by the community, after all.

There’s no telling what’s next in store for the United States, but given the recent changes, it’s certain that a bumpy road is ahead of us.