Biden Will Use $30 Million to Hand Out FREE Syringes/Crack Pipes

Yes, sadly you did read that headline correctly.

The Biden administration is now set to hand out free crack pipes and syringes. As the United States has had more drug overdoses the last two years than any other year in US history, the Biden administration isn’t funding rehab centers, but is rather enabling drug users.

The Biden administration just created a $30 million dollar program that will dish out funds to the SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).

The SAMHSA will then hand out the cash to non-profit programs that will give out free syringes and “safe smoking kits.”

Biden Providing Free Syringes, Crack Pipes For Equity

Biden previously signed an executive order that aimed to advance “equity for all,” which included reducing diseases in impoverished neighborhoods. Besides handing out free syringes and crack pipes, the Biden administration also plans to hand out safe sex kits.

The goal of the Biden administration is to stop the spread of Hepatitis C and AIDS; however, what they really are doing is enabling drug users to get high “safely”.

Democrat cities that run rampant with drug addiction have been handing out free smoke kits and syringes for several years now.

Drug Injection Sites Being Opened Up All Over the US

The Department of Justice is having a difficult time deciding how to distribute drug kits, even though federal laws prohibit handing out drug paraphernalia.

Therefore, the Biden administration is essentially breaking federal law by using US taxpayers’ money to fund drug kit distribution programs. New York City has already opened two drug injections sites that aim to prevent overdoses.

Both of the drug injection sites are in predominately black neighborhoods, which have many people up in arms.

Instead of creating after-school programs or community centers for children in black neighborhoods, Democrats lawmakers are planting drug injection sites into their communities.

The sites have been used over 5,000 times, which means under New York City’s watch, 5,000 people got high.

Advocates of the injection site claim they have prevented overdoses. In reality, the city doesn’t keep records of people when they leave the injection sites; so, overdose deaths could have still happened, but just not at the injection sites.

What Democrats really should do is create more jobs and stop vaccine mandates and lockdowns. These are causing economic depressions, thus leading to drug use.

Also instead of defunding the police, lawmakers should be tougher on sentences for distributing drugs like fentanyl. Instead of finding the solution to drug overdoes, lawmakers are saying it’s okay to do drugs; you must just be safe doing it.

It’s no surprise China is on the verge of economically surpassing the United States with programs like these being placed in America’s great cities.