Biden Administration Faces New Criticism From Rosie O’Donnell

The Biden administration has had its critics since coming into power over two years ago. Though as problems in this country keep piling up, the list of critics keeps on getting longer.

Biden campaigned on a series of different promises that have yet to come to fruition. He said he’d unify the country, build the economy back better, and otherwise make positive changes. This has not happened, though.

The economy remains in shambles and deeply tarnished by inflation. At the same time, this president has yet to stop one disaster after the next from transpiring on his watch.

According to Conservative Review, the latest critic of the Biden administration is none other than leftist comedienne Rosie O’Donnell.

A Preventable Tragedy

O’Donnell’s lifelong ties to leftism make her criticism of the Biden administration that much more notable. Taking to TikTok, the entertainer slammed how the White House has thus far reacted to this month’s train derailment that prompted the disastrous spill of dangerous chemicals.

According to O’Donnell, as animals and wildlife are dying from the chemicals that spread everywhere, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) isn’t giving an honest account of the situation.

The leftist comedienne also stressed that the EPA’s “non-alarmist” public statement isn’t appropriate, given the horrific aftermath of this train derailment. Describing the situation as “infuriating,” O’Donnell then revealed she hasn’t put trust in the EPA ever since the events of 9/11.

Younger Americans may not be aware that in the wake of 9/11, the EPA falsely alleged Ground Zero was in the clear and without any health dangers. After declaring that the agency has lied to Americans before, O’Donnell once again reiterated her lack of faith in the EPA.

More Backlash Against the Biden Administration

Since this month’s train derailment, one key member of the Biden administration taking heat from the general public is Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Since Buttigieg’s oversight of the US Transportation Department, this nation has seen considerable issues with transit. These problems are not just with the train that veered off course earlier this month, but also with major air travel complications.

It has been widely speculated that Buttigieg landed the job heading the Transportation Department due to his bowing out of the 2020 Democratic primary and giving his endorsement to Biden.

Critics of the Transportation Secretary have likewise said the disaster in Ohio is yet another example that proves Buttigieg to be unfit for the role he occupies.

What do you think about the latest backlash against the EPA and various members of the Biden administration? How much time do you think will pass before the train derailment has been fully fixed with preventative steps taken to avoid future incidents?

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