Biden Administration’s Billions to Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan: A Tale of Misused Taxpayer Dollars

As we approach the two-year mark since the Pentagon’s hasty retreat from Afghanistan, a shocking report has emerged.

The U.S. Defense Department’s abrupt exit led to the abandonment of $7 billion worth of military equipment, according to Forbes.

Since 2002, a staggering $147.06 billion of U.S. taxpayer dollars have been funneled into Afghanistan, as reported by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR).

The Biden administration, in its chaotic aftermath of the withdrawal, has reportedly given more than $2.3 billion to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

This revelation comes from a recent SIGAR report, which also highlighted the ongoing flow of money into the country despite the tragic loss of 13 U.S. servicemembers and billions of dollars in left-behind equipment.

The funds, allocated for reconstruction efforts, were disbursed to various aid organizations. However, the report raises serious concerns about the misuse of these funds.

It states, “This amount includes $580 million obligated but unspent on 86 active projects, $557 million in funds available for obligation or subobligation on future projects, and $545 million obligated but unspent on inactive, suspended, or terminated contracts.”

John Sopko, the head of SIGAR, voiced his concerns to Congress in April about American taxpayer dollars being exploited by the Taliban.

In the latest report, he warned of a “diversion” of funds by the Taliban for projects intended to help civilians.

He stated, “It is no longer a question of whether the Taliban are diverting assistance from our programs to help the Afghan people, but rather how much they are diverting.”

The report also revealed a disturbing reality. Despite the influx of funds, a “gender apartheid” is taking place against the women of Afghanistan.

SIGAR warned that the Taliban are not only oppressing women but are also accused of “crimes against humanity including corporal punishments and extrajudicial killings.”

The SIGAR report, dated July 30, noted that a significant amount of taxpayers’ funds had been given to the country since late 2021.

It stated, “The U.S. government has appropriated more than $2.35 billion in [fiscal year] 2022 and [fiscal year] 2023 funding for Afghanistan reconstruction programming since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021.”

Furthermore, the report found that of six active reconstruction funds, “about $1.70 billion remained for possible disbursement.”

This means that even more funds are ready to be disbursed for additional projects, despite the alarming revelations about their potential misuse.

In conclusion, the Biden administration’s financial aid to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan raises serious questions about the responsible use of taxpayer dollars.

As we continue to uncover the extent of this issue, it is crucial to ensure that our hard-earned money is not being misused to fund oppression and crimes against humanity.