Biden Blames Americans For His Low Ratings

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

Joe Biden, the nation’s president, is seemingly furious with the constant reposting of his public speaking gaffes.

These are claimed to be the driving force behind his dwindling approval rating, which has sunk to 40.8% in the recent period.

Most notably, Biden is displeased with his own staffers walking back on his own comments to correct him, as well as the visible lack of Democrats rushing to his aid when negative media attention comes in.

“IMG_7326” by Matt Johnson

The president’s age is getting to him

Furthermore, Biden seems to be at a loss for words when it comes to the 2024 hypothetic polls; he’s still trailing behind Donald Trump, a feat which he finds to be unimaginable.

If that wasn’t enough, Biden added it was only last month when he was told about the baby formula shortage.

This is an issue that’s currently plaguing the US populace and forcing mothers to find alternatives for their newborn children.

With this, it’s easy to spot a pattern of the president either choosing not to act or acting on an issue far too late.

This can be seen by the inflation crisis that spiraled way out of control after months of the Biden administration claiming it to be “transitory.“

If they were having a hard time keeping things under check until now, things are only getting worse from here on out.

Chief of staff Ron Klain, the president’s primary defense line on Twitter, is scheduled to leave after November’s midterm elections.

Biden’s years in the Senate seem to have been for naught

Some Biden supporters believe he’s a victim of circumstance.

Established author Chris Whipple claims the president was presented with a barrage of challenges from the moment he stepped into office, only to be hit by one crisis after another.

Unfortunately, even if we factor in the geopolitical and macroeconomic chaos that’s been unfolding over the past two years, there’s still no excusing Biden’s lack of experience.

This has left him struggling with elementary public relations while more pressing issues in the country and worldwide were left unattended.

In spite of all of this, Biden still finds time to criticize those closest to him, believing repeat corrections have damaged his stature.

This is referring to a recent meeting with Ukrainian refugees where a statement of his was misunderstood as a call for a regime change in Russia.

However, White House officials have spoken up on the president’s remarks, claiming to never have said anything he didn’t want them to say.

This was further confirmed by deputy press secretary Andrew Bates who assured no comments are given without Biden’s explicit approval.

Biden has officially fallen below Trump in the approval rating polls, making him the lowest-ranked president at this point in his term since World War 2.

If that’s not ominous enough, considering the current situation, I don’t know what is.