Biden Sends Over 3,000 Troops to Europe to Help Defend Ukraine

President Biden has just deployed over 3,000 US troops to be stationed in Poland, Germany, and Romania. The Pentagon announced the US will back its NATO allies and be ready if Russia invades Ukraine.

The tension between Ukraine and Russia is nothing new. In 2014, under Obama’s watch, Russia annexed a Ukraine territory called Crimea. Biden was vice president at the time.

He watched as Crimea was taken over by Russia, but now, as the commander in chief, he’s going all out to defend Ukraine’s border, even though the United States’ own border is in trouble.

More on the Deployment of Troops

Spokesperson of the Pentagon John Kirby announced the troops being sent to NATO allies will not fight, but are rather being used as a message to Putin.

Kirby’s statements are bizarre, considering he publicly admitted the United States is just bluffing when it comes to defending Ukraine’s border from a Russian invasion.

Putin knows the United States leadership, both in the White House and the Pentagon, is the weakest it has ever been. If Putin was to cross the Ukraine border and annex territory, more than likely, Biden would just issue sanctions on Russia.

Besides deploying over 3,000 troops, 8,500 troops are now on standby, just in case of any sudden invasion by Russia. Currently, the US already has a total of 80,000 troops stationed in various military bases across Europe.

The US already sent weapons to Ukraine’s defense forces, but we all know how well equipping another nation’s military goes; just look at Afghanistan.

Biden’s Aggression Toward Russia Isn’t Very Popular

A new poll suggests one in six Americans support US interference between Russia and Ukraine. A poll by the Kyivpost suggests that 41% of Ukrainians agree with Putin’s one Russia ideology.

Trump, at his rally in Conroe, Texas, commented that the United States needs to protect its southern border, not Ukraine’s border.

Trump is right; when Biden stated the US needs to protect Ukraine’s border, the left did not shout and scream that protecting Ukraine’s border was racist, but rather, the left supported it.

Isn’t that bizarre? Democrats across the US would support a war between the US and Russia over a border dispute thousands of miles away.

Yet, when it comes to the United States’ own border, it’s deemed as racist to even think about sending troops to our own border.

At the end of the day, the Russia and Ukraine situation is a difficult situation to handle. If Putin was to take back Ukraine without any pushback from the United States, then soon after, China would end up testing the US over Taiwan.

That would be the day the United States loses its status as the world’s greatest military power.