Biden Slips Up, Says US Troops Will Go to Ukraine

During a speech to US military members in Poland on Friday, President Biden said “when you’re there, they will be able to witness the courage and strength of Ukrainians pushing back against Russia’s incursion.”

His comments were a significant blunder, given that he previously said the United States must remain out of the European conflict to prevent sparking “World War III.”

During his presentation to troops of the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, after eating pizza and taking photographs with hundreds of troops at a mess hall in Rzeszow, Poland’s southeastern region, Biden made the comment.

“You’re going to witness women and children standing in the middle of a busy street in front of a darn tank simply saying, ‘I’m not going, I’m holding my position,” President Joe Biden said.

White House Officials Cover Up Biden’s Blunder

In a short period of time, a White House official explained Biden was not shifting his position on sending armed forces to Ukraine.

“The president has made it plain the United States will not deploy soldiers to Ukraine, and that view has not changed,” a Biden spokesperson told The Washington Post.

During his speech, Biden also said the United States was attempting to “prevent the carnage from continuing” after more than 3.5 million Ukrainians left their nation during the over one-month-long conflict.

More on the Story

However, although the Biden administration has sent weapons to Ukraine’s embattled military, the president personally rejected a Polish plan to have 28 Soviet-crafted fighter aircraft go to Ukraine with support from the United States.

Biden said the assistance of the transaction by the United States may spark a new global war, especially as far as Russia is concerned.

Despite the fact Biden talked as though US forces were on their way to Ukraine, he has previously said that such a move is unlikely.

On his third trip overseas as president, Biden made a number of unclear remarks. This is not the first time it’s happened.

When asked about the US reaction to Russian forces deploying chemical weapons during a 19-minute news conference in Belgium on Thursday, Biden responded by saying the US response “would vary depending on the nature of the usage.”

The president then turned heads by adding the US would reply “in kind.”

NSA advisor Jake Sullivan told journalists onboard Air Force One on Friday that President Joe Biden’s “in-kind” statement was not intended to be taken as a threat that the United States would use chemical weapons on Russia.

Mr. Sullivan said “the United States has had no intention of utilizing chemical weapons at any time or under any circumstances.”

Did Biden slip and tell what the US will do in the future or was he just speaking out of his mind once again?