Biden Toots His Own Horn and Claims the Assault Weapon Ban Actually Helped

We’re all used to Sleepy Joe’s tall tales and false claims regarding the programs he’s contributed to, but this time, he’s really taking it to the extremes.

Following suit with other Democrats promoting the assault weapon ban, President Biden is now claiming the 10-year ban from ’94 to ’04 actually reduced mass shootings.

Joe can’t help himself

However, it would turn out that fact-checkers were actually a great addition to online media; they’ve debunked his February 7th claim that mass shootings tripled in number when the ban expired back in 2004.

To no one’s surprise, a ban on assault weapons didn’t actually drop the number of violent crimes per capita, but rather, it dropped the number of violent crimes committed with said type of weapon instead.

On top of this, researchers on the case even confirmed that no significant reduction in the lethality and seriousness of violence was recorded, as people just shifted over to different weaponry.

The DOJ’s National Institute of Justice issued a statement regarding the ban, explaining the ban on assault weapons had such an insignificant impact that it was too small to make any reliable measurements.

It didn’t work back then, why would it work now?

Unfortunately, our president doesn’t care about numbers or logic. He’s chosen to defy the data he’s been presented with, instead claiming a similar ban would contribute to the reduction of violence in the US today.

One thing that comes to mind is the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” saying.

It’s not hard to argue that weapons are actually a necessity in this day and age, even more so if you consider that the police in most blue states are practically powerless; there’s no one to protect the law-abiding Americans but themselves.

Biden took to his Twitter account to express his plans, writing that he’s determined to ban assault weapons in the US once more, which was met with mixed replies from his followers.

Joe already isn’t the most popular guy around. Constantly lying to the few people who actually support him is bound to cost him their trust.

Biden’s campaign for 2024 has yet to be announced; although his latest endeavors aren’t exactly showing promise. This may end up leaving him dead in the water come election season, as Democrats are more likely to choose any other candidate over him.