Biden’s FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn Withdraws Her Nomination

Free speech in the US may have just been saved. Biden’s controversial nominee for the FCC, Gigi Sohn, has decided to withdraw her nomination, much to the dismay of the Biden administration, which had “high hopes” for her.

However, if we look at Sohn’s career, it’s hard not to say it was a dumpster fire from start to finish. Her initial nomination first took a hit, due to her being one of the worst picks for the position.

Media pressure gets to Gigi Sohn, as she withdraws her nomination

Soon thereafter, the White House decided to give Sohn another shot, nominating her once again this January.

Biden did this with the hope that the Democratic majority of the Senate, if one could call it that considering they’ve only got a single seat more, would force her through.

The Washington Post tried to spin the story as if Sohn was a victim of hateful attacks, but we all know that not to be true.

Fact is, Sohn knew she simply couldn’t get the votes to actually go through with the nomination; with her skillset, she wasn’t getting any to begin with.

There’s no place for a far-left snowflake on a non-partisan commission that’s supposed to be the authority on the flow of information within the country.

Had Sohn not withdrawn and a Christmas miracle happened to allow her to get the votes she needs, the free speech rights of every American man, woman, and child would be infringed upon. That’s the last thing we need right now.

Ted Cruz burns Sohn’s career down to the ground

Thankfully, Ted Cruz was happy to destroy her career with a series of videos that outline the accomplishments she’d made so far. If no one was aware of how radical she really was, they are now.

On top of it being a devastating loss for Sohn, her withdrawal means the Biden administration took a massive blow, considering Biden spent more capital on her than on any other nomination he made during his uneventful term.

Of course, Sohn wasn’t the first nor the last candidate to be renominated to a position. However, with so much opposition present, one would think that Biden is aware a candidate who can’t get 50 Democrats to vote for her is a horrible option to put all your money on.

Aside from Sohn, Biden has nominated several other horrible figures to other positions, including Phil Washington, the FAA nominee who’s equally as unqualified for his position as Sohn was for hers.

The reasons are much different, though. Washington is currently caught up in a social media storm over a corruption scandal and the fact he’s got no experience in aviation whatsoever.

When it comes to FAA heads, this is practically unheard of. With Sohn out of the picture, it may be time to focus on the other Biden nominee that sticks out like a sore thumb.