Bill Gates Speaks Up on Epstein Friendship

"Bill Gates at Hioe Charity Forum" by Greg Rubenstein

In a recent media outing, Microsoft founder Bill Gates admitted his relationship with Jeffrey Eppstein, which involved attending fundraising meetings together, may have been a mistake, due to his past riddled with criminal activity.

Ranging from drug abuse to soliciting sex from a minor in 2008, Epstein’s record is far from a clean one.

Yet, he was regularly invited to the Gates Foundation fundraising dinners. It seems that it took nearly 15 years and divorce for Bill to realize that could have been seen as giving credibility to this convicted criminal.

Thankfully, he understands the relationship was a mistake from the start. It was a major point of contention between Gates and his ex-wife, Melinda French Gates, who described Epstein as an evil person.

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Tech magnate and convicted sex offender, what a dynamic

Gates did previously state the meetings between Epstein and himself stopped once he realized they weren’t beneficial to his foundation.

This was referencing the time Epstein promised to get some of the more prominent figures he knew to donate to public health.

Naturally, this deal fell through. Gates cut ties with the sex offender there and then, ending a relationship that wouldn’t have been, had the Microsoft founder simply not overlooked Eppstein’s sex crime history.

Gates claims he had concerns regarding Epstein’s credibility, even at their first meetings, likely due to Epstein’s lavish name-dropping, which usually led to no real results.

However, it’s also been found that Gates had been confiding in Epstein regarding his “toxic” marriage.

This prompted the convicted pedophile to give Gates advice on how he should move on and end his marriage with his long-standing wife and business partner, Melinda.

Flight records show that Eppstein and Bill met at his lair in Palm Beach on March 1, 2013.

This is two years after Melinda sought to meet this friend of Bill’s and five years after Epstein was convicted of procuring a child for prostitution and soliciting her for sexual acts.

Melinda calls Epstein an “evil and abhorrent person”

In a March interview with Melinda, she told CBS she regretted ever meeting Epstein, from the moment he walked through that door, referencing the years of disapproval of her husband’s relationship with the man.

She describes him as evil and abhorrent, going as far as claiming he appeared in her nightmares, and it’s no surprise if the sexual abuse he was involved in is taken into account.

Melinda stated that Bill’s involvement with Epstein directly contributed to their divorce.

While it wasn’t the only thing, it was one of the more important details of her case against her ex-husband and business partner.

As if the information wasn’t accessible at the press of a button, one of Gates’ spokesmen categorically denied any partnership between Gates and Epstein, claiming their meetings to have been purely for philanthropic reasons.