BLM Bails Out Man Who Reportedly Attempted to Assassinate Mayoral Candidate

Black Lives Matter (BLM) has secured $100,000 bail for an activist previously praised by President Obama. This man was charged with attempted murder after reportedly attempting to shoot a Jewish candidate for mayor in Louisville.

Quintez Brown is suspected of firing shots at Craig Greenberg at his campaign office in Louisville, Kentucky after Greenberg’s clothing was nicked by a bullet. Brown is charged with attempted murder.

Brown’s Connection to Obama

In 2019, Brown was recognized as an ’emerging star’ by the Obama Foundation. He appeared on the Obama official site, where he bragged about his reputation as a role model.

In addition, he was employed on a number of occasions by the BBC – the famed public broadcaster of the United Kingdom – to serve as a spokesperson on racial issues in the United States.

According to Chanelle Helm, a founder of the Louisville foundation and a local Black Lives Matter activist, they preferred to keep Brown secure while he waits for court since he is known personally via their work.

‘They are advocating for this guy, this young man who is in desperate need of care and assistance, to be penalized to the fullest degree possible,’ she told WHAS-TV.

David James, the president of the Metro Council, disagreed, stating the bond should not have been set since ‘they were going to be accountable for anything he does or doesn’t do to anybody else.’

Brown has been ordered by a court not to communicate with the claimed victim, 46-year-old Craig Greenberg, or any members of his campaign team. According to police, Brown seems to have acted alone; the reason for his actions is still under investigation.

After Brown went missing for a short period of time the year before, family members expressed worry about his mental well-being.

According to Brown’s attorney, Rob Eggert, “there are major mental concerns at play here,” and he intends to have Brown evaluated by a mental health professional.

The Reason BLM Bailed Him Out

A thundering message has been sent to the government, stating people are fed up with the abuse that occurs in our prisons and jails.

It was her concern Brown would be in danger, since there has been a string of fatalities at the Louisville Metro Correctional facility in recent years.

Helm went on to say many activists and organizers, including Brown, are suffering from mental health issues and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This is a consequence of the turmoil of the previous two years, as well as the COVID epidemic.

However, there are growing concerns over whether Brown was safe to be out on the streets since his prior articles provide a troubling look into exactly how dissimilar his words are from his actual conduct.