BLM Co-founder Cries Harassment as Candace Owens Shows Up at Her $1.4M Mansion

"Candace Owens" by Gage Skidmore

In a recent social media post, BLM co-founder Patrissa Cullors was seen sobbing through a river of tears.

She claimed Candace Owens and her crew have been harassing her over an interview she’d declined earlier this week. In response, Owens released footage of the incident at hand, calling Cullors a liar.

This is due to the fact there’s very clear evidence of her team calmly asking to speak with the fraudulent activist.

Cullors has been involved in dozens of shady wire transfers through dozens of her BLM-related organizations. 

“Candace Owens” by Gage Skidmore

Alligator tears and dollar bill tissues

Cullors did resign from BLM last year, due to severe criticism of her questionable leadership strategies.

However, the recent uproar is due to her confession that she lied when she denied using her $6M Los Angeles property only for official business. The 6.5k square-foot property in question was purchased with BLM money.

Cullors used it twice to host private events, one allegedly to toast Biden and Harris’ 2021 victory, and the other being her son’s birthday party. 

She admits it might not have been the best idea. However, it’s easier to tear up and claim you didn’t know better when you’re caught red-handed.

This is a strategy employed by a number of woke activists, who are more often than not caught doing the very thing their agenda was created to protest. 

This isn’t the woke BLM peddler’s first time using the organization’s assets inappropriately though.

She’s been found to have funneled cash in and out of BLM subsidiaries through years of involvement with the borderline terrorist organization.

Using the “black card” never fails

Owens’ clip shows her and her news crew at Cullors’ home in Topanga Canyon.

They politely asked to speak with the activist, even offering to leave if they’re disturbing her peace, which Cullors was more than ready to abuse for some world-wide-web clout. 

In her Instagram video, she condemned the media crew for their behavior, tearfully claiming her family’s safety had been compromised.

She also used the black card to put pressure on the media attempting to cover the story. 

The division of the black community seems to be quite the buzzword when it comes to woke media platforms.

BLM is well aware of this, incorporating the narrative into every story related to their questionable management or fraudulent activities.

Cullors is one of the three people involved in the creation of the movement back in 2013 when Treyvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman.

BLM raised upwards of $90 million through the organization’s rise to fame in 2020 when violent criminal George Floyd was murdered.

Despite Cullors’ lavish spending, BLM is still rolling in dollar bills, with approximately $60 million in funds.

However, BLM is currently being investigated now that it’s known their prominent figures aren’t stingy when it comes to buying mansions for their own use. 

In fact, a recent investigation found after NY Magazine attempted to dig deeper into the house’s existence, an internal memo was sent throughout the organization.

This memo demanded the story be killed, with calls to deflate the ownership of the property in question.