BLM Supporter and Congresswoman Spends Thousands on Private Security

"Ayanna Pressley at the Unity Rally - Cambridge, MA" by Elizabeth Warren

Radical left Democrat Representative Ayanna Pressley has been found spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on private security officers.

This is despite her being one of the more influential figures behind the call to defund the police.

Once again, delusional BLM peddlers are willing to put everyone’s lives at risk by taking power out of the police force’s hands.

However, when their own well-being is at stake, there’s no amount too great, especially if everyone else is paying for it.

“Reclaim the Court” by Mobilus In Mobili

“Defund the police…but not for me“

Apparently, the far-left group in Congress, called “The Squad,” which Pressley is part of, spent tens of thousands on private security.

Pressley alone spent upwards of $14k between January and March this year.

Naturally, if you’re against this sort of behavior, it’s only a matter of time before you’re dubbed a racist, sexist, homophobe, transphobe, and more by her legion of brainwashed followers.

If you’re white, that’ll just be the cherry on top.

If Pressley’s current actions weren’t infuriating enough, due to their hypocritical nature, her pushing for gun control definitely is; although I doubt she’ll be willing to be guarded by unarmed security officers.

Furthermore, she segued into the student debt relief debate, reiterating President Biden’s plan that aims to forgive up to $10k in loan debt to qualifying students.

BLM calls for an end to incarceration

Pressley called for additional background checks when applying to buy a firearm, as well as raising the federal gun ownership age from 18 to 21, along with imposing a complete ban on assault weapons.

Unfortunately for her, the fact is that people kill people; a firearm is merely an instrument.

Moreover, banning a weapon simply because it was used in a series of shootings doesn’t mean it won’t happen again with a different weapon.

The real issue lies in the punitive system which fails to process these criminals properly. This only gets worse in the left’s hypothetical version of America where incarceration is a thing of the past.

Defunding the police definitely makes it into the top ten when it comes to the left’s most absurd calls for change, especially if we factor in the number of police officers killed by criminals each year.

If we take away their only means to defend themselves and enforce the law, this country will turn into a Mad Max-esque wasteland sooner or later.

It will be overrun by violent criminals who never even cared about the gun control laws, to begin with.

Additional gun control achieves nothing more than taking the power out of the hands of law-abiding, working Americans.

However, the borderline terrorist organization known as BLM is doing everything in its power to turn that dream/nightmare into a reality.