BMW Refuses to Feed into Pride Month Shenanigans, Kind of…

"BMW Group Pride - YX68NKC" by Waterford_Man

Every year, the moment the clock turns to the sixth month, large companies are borderline forced into celebrating Pride month alongside the LGBTQ community.

Even if you’re not willing to be up to speed on the topic, you’ll definitely notice once the logos start taking on the iconic rainbow-colored flag motif.

Naturally, if a company doesn’t want to feed into this nonsense, it won’t be long before the pitchfork and torch-bearing mob decides to get cancel culture on the line.

The mob will be making sure the company’s PR office has their hands full for the upcoming period.

“Here comes Hillary” by Quinn Dombrowski

June rolls around once again; time for corporations to pander

In order to avoid getting shunned on social media by the woke army, companies have made it common practice to show allegiance to the movement.

They do this even if it’s in the smallest, most symbolic way possible, but BMW didn’t seem to get the memo this year.

Apparently, the moment Pride Month started, the company updated its logo on its main Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, as well as their regional counterparts for South Africa, India, and the UK.

What they didn’t do though, is implement these changes to their Middle-eastern Twitter account.

Despite the growing number of enraged GenZ “slacktivists” protesting it on the platform, it has yet to be changed; this goes for the region’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well.

What the Twitter netizens fail to comprehend is the company’s Middle-eastern office is located in Dubai. This is a city in the United Arab Emirates, which is a country where homosexuality is still very much illegal, and often punishable with jail time and fines.

BMW spokesmen have yet to comment on the situation

Twitter users, on the other hand, don’t seem to have the traits we humans like to call “common sense” and “reason.”

They were not happy with BMW, calling the company out for not updating a logo for the region they have nothing to do with.

Tim Urban, a popular blogger and self-proclaimed master procrastinator, claimed the company only shows support for “marginalized” groups where it’s popular to show it.

It’s almost as if it isn’t very evident the country in question just doesn’t want anything to do with the LGBTQ community.

This isn’t BMW’s first rodeo with the woke and LGBTQ crowd; the same issue happened last year and the year before.

Although at the time, other companies like Cisco, Bethesda, and even Mercedes were under fire for such a minor thing.

Adding insult to injury, other companies were slammed for the so-called act of “rainbow-washing,” which applies to implementing Pride-themed branding for financial gain, all the while continuing operations with those against the movement.

It’s obvious there’s no pleasing the left. BMW’s refusal to leave a comment on the situation is commendable.