Calvin Klein Makes Headlines with Provocative Ad Depicting a Pregnant Man

"Man with beer belly on white background" by Marco Verch Professional Photographer

The fashion industry giant, Calvin Klein, sparked significant debate with their latest ad that featured a pregnant transgender man, on Mother’s Day no less, followed with a caption that only long-term LGBT indoctrination could come up with.

Namely, the brand claims in their post that the pictures in question were created in support of mothers and women across the world, with focus being shifted on “the realities” of new families.

That now apparently includes men capable of giving birth, a concept so unrelated to Mother’s Day that it’s borderline insulting.

“Transgender Pride Flag” by Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

From chiseled bodies to beer bellies

Everyone was confused about how a picture of a man with a beer gut ended up on Calvin Klein’s social media profiles.

However, those who actually feed into this narrative seem to have skipped out on a biology lesson or two.

The ad itself, which was shared on May 8th this year, contained a series of pictures depicting women from all kinds of walks of life.

While representation is definitely important, it’s baffling how a photo of a trans man with his wife made it into the mix.

The Brazillian couple, Roberto and Erika, are apparently expecting parents.

Though, much to everyone’s confusion, it’s not the wife who’s pregnant, but Roberto himself; he’s scheduled to give birth to their son, Noah, any day now.

The pictures show the “happy” couple lying in bed, sporting the brand’s underwear, with an overlay quote that’s too out of place to even publish anywhere, let alone promote an ad campaign with.

Getting “canceled” online was never as easy

As is the norm, the left has taken it upon themselves to shove this absurd narrative down everyone’s throats.

What better way to do it than by promoting overpriced undergarments with pictures of a pregnant transgender person?

The terminology is confusing as it is, but given the fact you’ll be wiped off the face of the internet if you do as little as mislabel an already ambiguous-looking person, it’s best to be familiar with the topic.

This means the transgender “man” in CK’s photoshoot was actually a biological woman at some point in her life. It’s further complicated by some of these trans “men” just referring to themselves as men.

The same goes for transgender women, another topic that has sparked debate in recent months.

Some more notable figures from that community demanded access to women-only areas, such as locker rooms, showers, and restrooms.

Naturally, Twitter netizens were quick to respond to the criticism, claiming an individual’s choice with their body shouldn’t be questioned.

However, it’s important to remember that gender reassignment surgeries are carried out for medical reasons.

These reasons are mainly due to a person being diagnosed with gender dysphoria, a well-established mental illness; although the left has attempted numerous times to redact its status as one.

Another thing to note is transgender persons who undergo this irreversible procedure often regret it.

This usually leads to further mental issues, and inevitably suicide, proven by the fact that over 40% of transgender individuals have attempted suicide.