Canadian College Forces “White Guilt“ on Students

George Brown College in Toronto caused quite the ruckus earlier this week.

It was found they required students to check a box admitting they’ve benefitted from white privilege in order to attend a lecture.

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Additionally, they asked for those students to make a contribution to decolonization.

This is yet another example in the country’s sea of liberal movements peddled by left-leaning institutions and the notorious BLM, which remains strong even across the border.

“George Brown College” by Timothy Neesam

Canada keeps up with ridiculous liberal narratives

The statement wasn’t provided by a single professor.

It seems it was pushed by the college’s administration; both students and faculty workers were required to acknowledge they benefited from the genocide of Indigenous peoples of the land.

A note neatly hidden at the bottom claims selecting ‘agree’ wasn’t meant to be taken as imposing agreeance.

Instead, this was supposedly a way of informing individuals through acknowledgment, but it’s clear that’s a load of baloney.

This statement is further disproven by the fact every webpage hosted by the college contains at least a portion of text acknowledging Indigenous land.

This is likely due to the fact the college’s building is located on the Mississaugas’ territory.

The administration is adamant about pushing the white guilt narrative, claiming to be thankful they’re allowed to be sharing the land as “treaty people” contributing to the community through education and work.

US universities aren’t much better

However, this is no isolated issue. Similar statements can be found on the websites of dozens of US colleges and universities, which has caused a fair share of controversy over the years.

The hornet’s nest was roused at the University of Washington some years prior.

Professor Stuart Reges shared information confirming the local Native-American tribe has no historical ownership of the majority of land currently occupied by the university.

Naturally, he was met with the torch and pitchfork-bearing woke mob, which ultimately led to the university being forced into censoring his syllabus.

The University of Colorado Denver, on the other hand, went in a completely different direction.

It recently issued a five-page “equity guide” that required students and professors to read a statement honoring the Indigenous peoples that once occupied the land.

A ray of hope shines from San Diego State University though, as professors recently voted to end a policy requiring them to peddle this kind of nonsense in their syllabus.

First, they took away Columbus Day; now, they’re pushing white guilt into everyone’s faces, almost like it should be the norm at this point.

While there’s certainly a fair amount of Gen Z libs that eat this stuff right up, not everyone is willing to feed into the left’s ridiculous narrative.