Canadian Lawmaker Wants His Nation To Disavow Tucker Carlson

Even if we make jokes about Canada, there are still some things about the endearing country.

If it weren’t for Canada, bands like The Kids in the Hall, Nickleback, and Bret “the Hitman” Hart would not be able to be recognized on the globe today.

Sarcasm and Reaction

On the other hand, the country is ruled by a communist autocrat who is a dictator, a guy who is known by his moniker “I Feel Pretty” Trudeau and who is referred to by some as the “literal Son of Castro.”

It is a country that is now a junior version of the United States; if there were ever a country that needed to be emancipated by the full strength of America’s military forces, it would be that country.

Tucker Carlson is a genuine patriot who saw Canada for what it is: a walking mound of soy and hair goop. As a result, he advocated for Canada’s independence from the United States.

On the other hand, this is not the situation. At best, Tucker was attempting to make a point sarcastically when he made the statement. Whereas that didn’t prevent one Canadian lawmaker from asking that the rest of his colleagues condemn Carlson!

Initially, there is the video on Fox News in which Member of Parliament, Matthee Green, appears to be more enraged than he was when Shawn Michaels shoved Canada’s national flag inside his nose. Shawn Michaels did that to Green.


Carlson was making light of the seriousness of the issue by joking about it.

When he said this, he was being facetious about the amount of money we are paying Ukraine. He was talking about the amount of money we are expending on Ukraine.

The fact that Canada has no interest in being liberated from I.F.P. Trudeau should not surprise anyone.

Because the people of Canada like the pain and suffering that comes with living under a dictatorship, they continue to vote him into office. If we are going to free people for that reason, New York and California should be the ones to get their freedom back.

However, Representative Matthew Green had some good points to make.

While listening to his people, you need to question whether he wrote it himself or if someone else did. Did he ask AI to write a tweet on Tucker Carlson on his behalf?

There is no possibility that an effort to free Canada will be successful.

Even if Ron DeSantis decides on the day of his inauguration that the United States military has five minutes to kill and deploys them to conquer, there are a fair number of people who are rooting for Jordan Peterson to be named the new Prime Minister of the North to settle this matter once and for all.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.