CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, is Supporting the Freedom Convoy

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s unvaccinated truck driver has traveled from Minnesota to Michigan. He will try to cross the border into Windsor, Ontario, and then make his way to Canada, where the Freedom Convoy has been encamped for weeks.

Mike informed 100 Percent Fed Up that he had been going to distribute over 10,000 of his iconic MyPillows to truckers this weekend.

When Mike learned the truckers’ children would be taken away by Canadian social services, he included his unique Roll n’ Go Scripture pillows for children to the cargo at the last moment.

RSBN is streaming at the Port Huron, Michigan border; if permitted, they will accompany the driver through the boundary and into Ottawa.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has ruled over Canadian citizens with iron fist mandates since the outbreak of the Chinese virus, issued an Emergency Act yesterday.

This Emergency Act allows Canadian authorities to freeze the bank accounts of citizens and businesses attempting to feed or help finance the  Freedom Convoy.

More on the Story

Last night, I chatted with Mike Lindell and asked him what he would do if Canadian authorities froze his bank accounts because he was providing pillows to truckers.

“I don’t care if they suspend my accounts. I believe in freedom,” Mike, who is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful patriots alive, told us. Not only in America, but also in Canada, the CEO of MyPillow is dedicated to liberty.

Mike revealed that four years ago, he and Trudeau had a spat over President Trump’s taxes on Mexican and Canadian goods.

The CEO of MyPillow got a letter from the Canadian government, stating if he manufactured his goods in Canada, then severe tariffs on shipping from the United States to his distribution facility near Montreal, Quebec, Canada would be lifted.

“It was practically robbery,” Mike Lindell recalled. “If you produce them up here, we won’t impose an insane tax on all the raw materials you ship up here.”

Continued Developments

Mike had to send personnel into Canada from the United States to train employees for a newly built facility in Quebec. This was two weeks before they did a special on the Canadian Home Shopping Network for a couple of million dollars.

Mike said, “The Canada Shopping Channel was the first to drop MyPillow.”

Mike also expressed his loud resistance to vote rigging in the United States by saying, “The horrible, lousy home shopping network canceled me. In Canada, we also lost all of our big-time retailers which brought in a lot of money, with Costco being one of the worst.”

Behind Alex Jones and President Trump, Mike Lindell is probably one of the most censored men on the planet; it’s all because he stands up to tyranny and promotes freedom.