Charges of Democrat Official Prove GOP’s Voter Fraud Fears Legitimate

Leftist pundits and propaganda machines, known as the “mainstream media,” have been attacking conservative, patriotic, or independent Americans worried about voter fraud in today’s America.

However, an indictment of a Democratic county official in Alabama proves that such Republican concerns are legitimate.

Top County Democrat Suspected of ‘Ballot Harvesting’

The top official of Perry County in Alabama – Albert Turner Jr., the County Commission Chairman, a Democrat and a prominent civil rights activist’s son – has now been indicted on voter fraud crimes.

He has been charged with “harvesting ballots,” which is a felony, and “voting more than once,” which is a misdemeanor, The Federalist reported, citing local news outlet Advance Local.

The county commission chairman from the Democrat Party has been charged by Alabama’s Secretary of State John Merrill and District Attorney Michael Jackson of the Fourth Judiciary Circuit.

According to the prosecution, Albert Turner Jr. committed voter fraud on two separate occasions during voting in Alabama’s Perry County – in May 2022 and again in November 2022.

DA Michael Jackson declared several witnesses had observed how Turner stuffed filled-out ballots for the candidates he favored in a voting machine.

That occurred during Perry County’s Democratic Primary election in May 2022. The violations that Turner committed during the November 2022 midterms involved sending out “an undisclosed” amount of absentee ballots.

In their comments, Jackson and Merrill didn’t specify the electoral races in which Perry County’s Democratic Commissioner was accused of meddling. They also didn’t make it clear if his alleged crimes changed the elections’ outcome.

Dems’ Crusade to Whitewash Voter Fraud, Tarnish GOP with ‘Suppression’

In a statement, Alabama’s GOP Secretary of State John Merrill declared since January 2015, state authorities had been putting extra efforts into guaranteeing voting was “easy,” but cheating was “hard.”

Merrill underscored that even though Turner’s potential voting crimes are about to be investigated and established, the alleged voter fraud incident is so significant that his office would give it its full attention.

The report forecasted the Albert Turner case in Alabama would “almost certainly” be “ignored” by what it called the “corporate media” and pro-Democratic nonprofit organizations.

It added the above actors have “worked overtime” to convince the American public there is never any truth to claims and concerns about ballot harvesting and voter fraud.

In one particularly egregious example, The Washington Post published in 2018 a long article insisting that voter fraud in America was “extremely rare.” In contrast, voter ID laws supported by Republicans amounted to “voter suppression.”

The WaPo report also maintained the biggest problem for American democracy was the “abysmally low turnout.”

Singing a similar tune, as early as 2016, The Center for American Progress, a Marxist-Communist nonprofit, published an article whose title aptly stated, “Voter Fraud Isn’t Real,” adding the grave danger to America was “voter suppression.”

In the past few years, however, there have been both historic voter turnout records and evidence of voter irregularities and fraud – as Albert Turner Jr.’s case in Perry County, Alabama, suggests.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.