Charlie Brown Voice Actor Commits Suicide

Peter Robbins, the voice actor for the iconic children’s tv animated character Charlie Brown, has committed suicide.

After battling with mental health issues for many years, Peter Robbins, whose voice brought so much joy to kids and adults everywhere, took his own life at the age of 65 years-old. His family said the last place he lived was in San Diego, California.

Robbins started his acting career at the young age of seven years old.

His first big gig was starring in the movie “A Boy Called Charlie Brown.” Robbins would continue to do voiceovers for Charlie Brown, until he was 14 years old and his voice began to change, due to puberty.

The animated series of Charlie Brown went on without Robbins, but to this day, Brown’s iconic “AUGH” sound is still Robbin’s voice in all other shows and specials.

More on the Life of Robbins

Robbins, after starring in Charlie Brown, would go on to do other movies and tv shows, such as Get Smart, The Munsters, My Three Sons, Rawhide, and F Troop. He would end his acting career in 1972 and soon have mental health issues shortly thereafter.

Robbins would later not only have mental health issues, but issues with the law too. The former actor, in 2013, was arrested after he stalked his ex-girlfriend and a doctor who performed breast surgery on his ex-girlfriend at the US-Mexico border.

Robbins’ arrest came after he called his ex-girlfriend over 37 times, threatening to kill her and her son. On New Year’s, Robbins would visit his ex-girlfriend at a hotel, where he would take her by the neck and slam her into a wall.

He also physically attacked her dog which was in the hotel room.

More on Robbin’s Legal Trouble

After attacking his ex-girlfriend, Robbins was sentenced to five years of probation, but in 2015, he broke his probation by making threats to several people.

At one point, he wrote a letter and sent it to media outlets, which stated he would offer anyone money if they killed a San Diego sheriff for him. He would go on to threaten several other people; after prosecutors found out he broke his probation, he was sentenced to five years in prison.

Robbins would be released in 2019 and go on to use his life to advocate for mental health issues. One of the last things he told the world was to watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas message because the world needs to hear Linus’ message.

After 2019, Robbins would stay on a straight and narrow path, but still was not able to get over being bipolar. Fans are crushed to hear about Robbins’ death because he was just on the verge of creating a second life of redemption.