China is Holding Olympic Events in Industrial Parks

China is the first Olympic country to host the Winter Olympics event and use 100% artificial snow for all the events.

Artificial snow being used in the Winter Olympics is nothing new. In times past, countries have used artificial snow, but not 100% like China.

However, what other nations haven’t done is build massive, big-air ski ramps filled with artificial snow in the middle of industrial parks. Yes, the CCP has built a massive ski ramp in west Beijing that is a complete eyesore.

The Big Air Shougang is a 64-meter high ramp in West Beijing that is practically right next to smokestacks formerly used by a steel mill. On the giant smokestacks, the Beijing Olympics symbol is painted on it, which looks downright awful.

Look at the setup here:

Olympics Athletes Seem to Have No Problem with It

Olympics athletes seem to have no problem with the Big Air ski-ramp being played in an industrial park. Several high-profile freestyle skiers said they liked China’s layout for their ramp.

One of those skiers was Kirsty Muir, who went as far as saying the ramp is cool. Eileen Gu, who is an American-born skier, decided to represent China in the Olympics games and called the ramp fantastic.

Gu spent most of her life in the United States, but has decided to represent Communist China in the winter games. Many Americans are calling her a traitor to raise the CCP’s flag at the Olympic games, instead of the American flag.

Many American athletes have been very quiet about the conditions in Beijing after Rep. Nancy Pelosi barked out orders, warning Olympic athletes to stay silent.

It’s not China telling American athletes not to speak out against their communist government, but rather, it’s American Olympic athletes’ own government telling them to zip their lips.

It’s awfully funny how the left will celebrate athletes like LeBron James for “being more than an athlete.” Yet, as soon as athletes go to China to compete for medals, they want the athletes to just be athletes and stay silent.

Olympic Games Have the Lowest Ratings Ever

Many Americans are not interested in watching the Olympics at all; the main reason why is because it’s being hosted in a country that routinely supports genocide amongst Tibetans, Uyghurs, and Christians.

According to ratings, NBC has averaged close to 12.7 viewers for the Olympics, which is well below the 27.8 million viewers the Winter Olympics had four years ago in South Korea.

At one time, when the Olympics rolled around, Americans would support their athletes no matter what sport they were playing. The Olympics created a sense of unity for Americans to be proud of their athletes competing, but those days seem to be long gone.