China Now Experimenting With Mosquitoes, Ignores Potential Outbreak

Developing a lethal virus was definitely a trial run for communist China. Now, they may “vaccinate” fauna and minimize viral illnesses by releasing humanity’s most renowned insect.

It is difficult to envision any unexpected repercussions happening. It’s not as if mosquitoes transmit human ailments such as Yellow Fever, Dengue, West Nile, and Malaria.

Researchers discovered that bites from genetically engineered mosquitoes induced a strong, long-lasting immune reaction in animals.

Once inoculated, the animals withstood infections, preventing the spread of several viruses, including the once-common Zika virus (ZIKV).

In their investigation, the researchers employed CYV as a vaccine vector to create a chimera vaccine, including viral proteins.

They extracted numerous CYV proteins and put them into ZIKV cells to form the noninfectious CYV-ZIKV virus in wildlife, human impact unknown. They said that CYV-ZIKV might efficiently reproduce in mosquitoes and be produced in saliva.

Trust The Chinese Government??

Apparently, the spread of this virus to wild mosquitoes is not an immediate concern. Chinese specialists promise us the issue has been resolved. The Chinese government is trustworthy, right?

All insects utilized in the experiment were rendered sterile using X-rays to eliminate the possibility that the laboratory-created CYV-ZIKV virus may spread to natural mosquito populations.

Did they consider that these mosquitoes may bite people and transmit this new virus, presuming they are speaking the truth? There are, in fact, over 200 virus species that can only infect humans and not animals.

Who can say? Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) assumed control in 1949; this government has slaughtered nearly 65 million of its citizens and unleashed a global epidemic that has killed around 6,7 million people globally.

What’s another few million to communist China?

If this experiment is expanded, there is also the chance that these GMO mosquitoes will mate with natural mosquitoes and produce hazardous hybrids. This event occurred relatively recently.

Oxitec Ltd., a British biotechnology company, released genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil in 2018 to lower the mosquito population. The initial months appeared to be effective as the number of mosquitoes fell.

Sadly, the insects adapted, and the population rebounded with fury after 18 months. Additionally, the GMO mosquitoes and natural populations successfully interbred to produce mutant hybrids.

When GMO mosquitoes mate with natural mosquitoes, the offspring will be more resistant to future control measures.

However, there is no need for concern; the Chinese undoubtedly have a strategy to guarantee the insects “cooperate” and cannot evolve to future obstacles. Right?

What Is At Risk

As anticipated, the Chinese either disregarded the disadvantages of their scientific endeavor or appeared to find mutant mosquitoes cool.

The world’s most hazardous virus is neither COVID, AIDS, or even Ebola. It is the Communist Party of China.

If this series of experiments spread worldwide, mankind might pay the price. Imagine millions of modified mosquitoes spreading the CYV-ZIKV virus over the United States.

Going into the vast outdoors un-fully protected will be a relic of the past. Going to the mountains for a vacation will be a relic of the past. There will be an infinite number of things we can no longer accomplish and alterations to our life.

It would be simpler to eliminate the CCP and its experiments.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.