China Tells US Defense Secretary It Owns Taiwan in Humiliation Attempt

The Chinese communist regime tried to humiliate US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the United States itself.

China did this by using a diplomatic phone call to give America the cheeky message that self-ruling Taiwan is part of Communist China.

Communists Talk Tough on Taiwan

The attempt to peddle Beijing’s nationalist-communist propaganda on Taiwan occurred on Wednesday during what is described as a “rare” telephone conversation between Austin and Wei Fenghe, the Defense Minister of Communist China.

Taiwan is a de facto independent, democratic, and highly prosperous island of 23 million people off the coast of the Chinese mainland.

This is a republic established in 1949 by some two million exiles from the formerly ruling party of China, who fled after being defeated by the communists of Mao Zedong in the Chinese Civil War.

While Taiwan never formally declared itself a separate and independent nation from China, it has been acting as a fully sovereign nation.

It has never been part of Communist China, formally known as “the People’s Republic of China”, which was also founded in 1949, when Mao’s communists conquered the historical Chinese mainland.

While the United States has been tangled in a monumental great power rivalry with Communist China, Taiwan has been a key informal US ally in the Indo-Pacific region.

In the past couple of years, the regime of Chinese President Xi Jinping has been increasingly aggressive towards Taiwan, vowing to complete the “reunification” of China by conquering the island by force.

Obtuse, Aggressive Messages For Austin

During Wednesday’s phone call between Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe, Wei declared Taiwan is “part of China” and “nobody can change that.”

This is as per a readout of the call contained in a statement by Beijing, as cited by The Daily Mail.

The above proposition is, of course, factually wrong, given the fact that Taiwan considers itself the real China and not the communist regime in Beijing.

Since it was founded in 1949, communist China never had control over the island of Taiwan.

Wei then told Austin that failure to “handle properly” the “Taiwan issue” is going to bring about “damaging” effects to the relations between the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America.

The readout next went on to emphasize the evidently blunt message delivered by Wei to Austin in a highly disrespectful manner, likely designed to humiliate the United States.

Thus, the Chinese Defense Minister told Biden’s Cabinet member that Taiwan today is an “inalienable part of China.”

The obtuse statement added further this is a “fact and reality” which can’t be changed by anyone.

A spokesman of the US Department of Defense later said the call was requested by Austin in order to follow up on a Biden – Xi call from March 18.