Chris Rock Event Disrupted by Chaos

On Wednesday, a rowdy audience member disrupted Chris Rock’s comedy event.

This person ended up being pepper-sprayed and detained after becoming enraged about the venue’s mask restriction, according to police.

This happened at Rock’s first standup act since he was smacked by actor Will Smith at the Academy Awards.

According to reports, the father and son were being noisy and disrespectful when theater workers approached them during Rock’s act. Workers urged them to wear their face masks, as required by theatre regulation.

Angela Long, a resident of Quincy, Massachusetts, claimed the man “clearly had several in him and whatever.”

His voice was rather loud, and others were shouting things like, “We can’t hear you, but we’re here to listen.” There was quite a commotion as it bounced back and forth. The program was briefly halted as he spoke.

Police Statement

Per a police statement obtained by The Washington Post, the theater owner said he overheard someone say, “F$%k Will Smith.” Although, it was unclear if the remark came from Herd or someone else.

According to the complaint, a police officer who was at the location saw the disturbance and walked over to help the workers.

They were upset that staff personnel “were not instructing any of the white guests to put on their masks,” according to a complaint from the police department.

According to the reporting officer’s report, the males had a strong odor of alcohol on their breath.

The Father Attempted To Break the Fight Up

Herd’s father attempted to escort his son out of the cinema, but the disturbance continued as they walked out the door.

Per the police report, Herd then “pushed his dad out of the path and onto the ground in order to be more aggressive.”

“He continued to vent his unhappiness over being ejected and that everyone was destroying his father’s birthday,” while his dad was still on the ground.

Officials say the altercation proceeded outside of the theatre, where the unhappy theater-goer reportedly rushed at the policeman as his father attempted to preserve the peace.

According to the complaint, the officer requested the guys to reduce their sounds, but when Herd refused, the officer informed the males they had to leave.

According to the allegation, an irate Herd leaped from his seat and reportedly threatened staff members and the police.

After that, the officer pepper-sprayed Herd, who immediately fell to the ground. As a result of the spray, the dad was also medicated for the repercussions of the spray.

Herd was arrested and charged with trespass, disorderly behavior, assault, and violence, among other things. According to police, he was arraigned on Thursday and freed after posting bond.

The commotion forced Rock to briefly pause the concert and inquire, “Is everything OK over there?”

According to Andrew Nodell, a 34-year-old audience member, the ruckus escalated as the show progressed.