CNN Contributor Goes on Viral Rant, Humiliating Network in Hilarious Way

Mary Katharine Ham is a contributor to CNN and a leading conservative journalist who writes for The Federalist, Townhall and others.

She’s supposed to play her role on CNN by being agreeable and funny. She definitely has the second part covered, with hilarious comments and interactions on a regular basis.

However, Ham isn’t one to just pretend to agree with everything; now and then, that shocks the liberal panels she appears on.

The latest fireworks happened recently when Ham commented how the liberal media has been so focused on the January 6, 2021 riots. She used this as a chance to lambaste the leftist media and her own network of CNN.

Ham Slams the Left’s January 6 Obsession

The controversy about Ham’s comments started in relation to something said by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Florida’s governor said January 6 is like “Christmas” for the left; they want to “milk it” to do as much damage as possible to President Trump and conservatives.

This is, of course, completely correct. DeSantis went on to compare it to when he was a congressman and there was the congressional baseball shooting in the summer of 2017.

A crazed far leftist took to the stands and started mowing down conservative politicians practicing for an upcoming congressional match. He ended up almost killing GOP Rep. Steve Scalise.

As DeSantis noted, he was literally practicing baseball at the time of this horrific attack and watched as the bullets flew. If police hadn’t been there, DeSantis believes “dozens” would have died.

However, the liberal media barely cared, giving the attack only a couple days’ coverage and losing interest immediately when they realized it was done by a leftist.

Ham took to Twitter to agree with DeSantis, noting she lives close to where the baseball shootings took place. She confirmed that the national media quickly lost interest.

This is when things got interesting.

Ham Hits Back at CNN Reporter’s Accusation

At this point, Andrew Kaczynski of CNN jumped in to tell off Ham, putting a screenshot of her talking about the attack after it happened. His attempt to own her backfired, as Ham pointed out this was exactly her point.

Yes, the media covered the baseball shootings the day or two after they happened, including interviewing her. Then, in “under 48 hours,” the news crews vanished into thin air and the coverage subsided.

She pointed to the attempted murder of Congresswoman Gaby Giffords and how months of coverage got to show how differently CNN and the media covers attacks against the left.

Ham is exactly the kind of truth teller we need more of on national TV. Let’s hope she doesn’t get booted off CNN for this…especially when she recently humiliated AOC on live TV by mocking the socialist congresswoman’s egotistical attitude.