CNN’s Don Lemon Sheds Tears Over Jeff Zucker’s Resignation

CNN has completely fallen apart over the last six months, due to the fact the network has been plagued with scandals, arrests, and the recent resignation of Jeff Zucker, who served as the president of CNN.

CNN host Don Lemon, in one of his most recent broadcasts, completely broke down before his audience and started to weep about Zucker’s resignation.

Lemon went on record, saying he’s completely devastated and heartbroken that Zucker resigned, due to having an intimate relationship with a fellow colleague, which is against company policy.

In a cult-like fashion, Lemon went on to say CNN lost its leader and visionary. Lemon, while letting out tears, would continue to shower Zucker with praises and thanked Zucker for giving “a black gay man” a primetime television slot.

More on Lemon’s Complete Breakdown

Lemon later proceeded to say how much Zucker’s loss can be felt at CNN. According to the host, there are over 3,000 employees who are saddened by Zucker’s departure.

As always, Lemon had to throw a political jab. The CNN host, in an overdramatic way, said  CNN made it through the Gulf War, Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, and the “insurrection,” so they will be able to get over Zucker’s resignation.

Lemon has been calling the January 6th riot an insurrection for the last year and now he’s even comparing it to 9/11.

During the 9/11 attacks, 2,977 people lost their lives and in Hurricane Katrina, over 1,833 people died. Meanwhile, the January 6th riot resulted in one Trump supporter being killed and three others dying of natural causes, including one police officer on duty who suffered a stroke.

CNN Has Completely Fallen

CNN’s president Jeff Zucker resigned after failing to report he was in an intimate relationship with another team member of CNN.

Zucker’s consensual relationship with one of his colleagues was exposed during Cuomo’s investigation. This leaves many people to believe that Chris is dragging everybody out the door in revenge for him getting fired.

Last year, Chris was fired for attempting to cover up his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s, sexual harassment allegations.

Besides Cuomo and Zucker’s falling outs, two CNN producers have been arrested for alleged pedophilia crimes against children; their trials are still pending, however.

Many people believe Don Lemon will be the next CNN employee exposed, due to the fact he’s facing a lawsuit for allegedly sexually assaulting another man in a bar.

A lawsuit filed by a man named Dustin Hice claims Lemon, in a Hampton’s bar, stuck his hands down his pants and proceeded to touch Hice in the face with his finger.

Lemon claims the event never happened, but according to Hice’s legal counsel, Lemon already offered Hice settlements, which the latter denied in order to let the truth be revealed.