Communist China’s Satellite Caught Attacking Another Satellite

New intel from ExoAnalytic Solutions shows a Chinese satellite grabbing another satellite in space and throwing it out of orbit.

In a shocking discovery, communist China’s Shijian-21 satellite made several unusual movements until it was able to position itself next to another satellite system called BeiDou (Chinese satellite).

Once SJ-21 was able to get in the right position, the satellite grabbed BeiDou and tossed it into an orbit over a hundred miles away.

The reason for the maneuver was so BeiDou, a satellite that is no longer in working condition, would not interfere with other satellites, but the move has the West in complete shock.

More on the Story

There are two different perspectives in which members of the space community are viewing Shijan-21’s ability to grab satellites and toss them into graveyards.

The first perspective is that it will help prevent any collisions with other active satellites; the second perspective is a lot more pessimistic. It warns China could be using their new satellite technology to wreak havoc on American satellites and other democratic nations’ satellites.

China is not just creating satellites that are able to latch on to other satellites, but the Shanghai Academy is developing a space fuel tanker that will be able to attach itself to rockets in orbit.

The United States and other European nations are quite stunned that China is no longer in defensive mode when it comes to possible war tactics in space, but rather, it is in an offensive position.

Trump Once Again Predicted This Would Happen

Way back in 2019, when Trump officially made Space Force a branch of the military, members of the Democrat Party mocked him.

Late-night talk show hosts and members of Congress acted as if Trump was trying to live out a Star Trek fantasy of sorts, but they were completely wrong.

Trump has gone on record saying the next Great War will be won and lost in space.

The Pentagon and even Biden know how important Space Force is. Biden has practically signed an executive order to rid all of Trump’s policies, besides the United States Space Force.

China isn’t the only country to worry about in space, but Russia has also launched satellites into orbit that could cause harm. Russia has several satellites in space that have the capabilities to fire missiles and even latch on to other satellites and deprogram them.

If the United States doesn’t get the ball rolling faster for militarizing space, then the United States will be susceptible to internet blackouts and communication blackouts.

If Russia or China were to issue an EMP strike and follow it up with destroying key satellites in space, then the empire of the United States could be severely damaged.