Democrat Governor Newsom Admits California is Becoming a Third World Country

The Democrat governor of California has finally made a comment on the massive thefts that have taken place at railroads all across Los Angeles.

While visiting a cleanup event at the railroad depot, Newsom claimed he came down to visit the railroad tracks because he got sick of watching the news that depicted the depot as a shanty town.

Newsom went on to say the tracks looked as if they were located in a third-world country.

The tracks Newsom was referring to were filled with hypodermic needles and thousands of Amazon Prime, FedEx, UPS, and USPS package piles. These were on top of each other, due to thieves raiding railroad cars for the last several years.

Newsom Shouldn’t be Too Shocked

Newsom, as he held a press conference where thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was stolen, acted as if he wasn’t the governor of California and didn’t have the means to find a solution to the problem.

He would go on to help clean up crews tend to the massive amounts of cardboard lying on the train tracks, which was nothing more than a photo-op.

California doesn’t need Newsom to pick up trash at the rail depot. What they do need is for him to enact laws and silence the defund police movement that runs rampant in the liberal utopia of California.

Newsom Apologizes For Not Using Politically Correct Terminology

While speaking at his press conference, Governor Newsom identified the group of criminals who were stealing from the railroad cars as a “gang.”

He would later apologize for calling the thieves gangs, instead of an organized crime group. Newsom was quoted as saying, “please forgive me for using the word ‘gangs,'” as if that even matters as the city of Los Angeles is facing its biggest spike in crime since the 1990s.

What Newsom should be apologizing for is his lackluster job of dealing with crime in the state of California. Cities like San Francisco have seen an astronomical amount of thefts in retail since the COVID-19 pandemic and mask mandates have been put in place.

Criminals feel comfortable walking in stores and cleaning off shelves because they are allowed to wear masks in stores without looking suspicious.

Another motivating factor is retail thefts in stores like Walgreens and Target. They have seen a spike in theft, due to California’s Prop 47. This was passed by voters in 2014 through a referendum.

Prop 47 ultimately made theft less than $950 a misdemeanor and not a felony.

Some criminals have cleaned out stores and have only faced a small fine. This goes to show if Newsom really wanted to make a difference, he would put in place laws that prevent crime, rather than increasing it.