Democratic Member Defends Criminals

California Democratic lawmaker Barbara Lee’s bid to replace Dianne Feinstein of the California Senate could be put in jeopardy, due to her backing of renowned cop murderer, Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Lee in Trouble

In a report presented to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in 2001, Lee, who announced her candidacy for the Senate on Thursday, asserted that Abu-Jamal had been set up.

She was referring to the 1981 slaying of Philadelphia policeman Daniel Faulkner and said this was due to his affiliations with black progressivist organizations.

The statement, which Lee and other Congressional Black Caucus representatives filed, also supported American Indian Movement figure Leonard Peltier, who is currently incarcerated for life for the 1975 killings of two federal agents.

Reps. Adam Schiff and Katie Porter will be her opponents in the Democratic primary and Lee’s past defense of cop killings may affect her prospects.

Although Peltier and Abu-Jamal were made heroes by left-wing activists, political politicians have used their situations as talking points. Sen. John Fetterman reportedly dissociated himself from a staff member who called Abu-Jamal her friend.

A former socialist activist formerly identified by her friends as “Comrade Barbara” has a rich history of provocative utterances. This includes Lee’s report, which alluded to five jailed cop murderers as “political prisoners.”

She hailed Fidel Castro, the tyrant of Cuba and the man who has killed over 10,000 Cubans, for having launched a movement in Cuba that generated socioeconomic gains for his people.

She claimed everyone should be mourning his loss after he passed away several years ago.

Lee went to a memorial service for Huey P. Newton, the head of the Black Panther Party, who was charged with killing a cop and a 17-year-old teenage female in 2021. In the 1970s, Lee collaborated with Newton as a community activist in Oakland, and she has often complimented him.

Early in 2021, Ericka Huggins, a former-Black Panther, and other activists participated in a congressional session that Lee arranged. Huggins was accused of killing and torturing a Panther who was thought to be a police informant.

Huggins was addressed as a “comrade” by Lee at the forum. Also, Huggins had charged Newton with raping her continuously in the 1970s.

Lee has developed connections with well-known Soviet Communist front organizations. Lee also participated in the executive board of the U.S. Peace Council in the 1980s, which was a sham organization for the Global Peace Council of the Soviet Union.

She served on the national coordination group for the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, a branch of the Communist Party of the United States, in the 1990s.

Lee’s Shady Past

Requests for a statement were sent to Lee’s office, but not answered.

On September 1st, 2001, Lee and her legislative colleagues presented their findings to the U.N. Among her associates was former Georgia representative Cynthia McKinney, who recently asserted that Jewish people were to blame for 9/11.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.