Democrats Boast of Money Raised Ahead of November Midterms

The midterm elections are five months away. With this relatively short time period remaining, the Democrat Party already has quite a few things working against it.

For starters, the current president has a nationwide approval rating of just 39%. Over 50% of the country disapproves of how Biden is leading the country.

This doesn’t bode well for the party in power, especially given its tendency to lose the midterms during off-years.

Then, there’s inflation, existing gas prices, rising interest rates, and the likelihood of a recession, each of which is happening under Democratic leadership. This doesn’t exactly inspire voters to keep Democrats in office.

However, in spite of all these factors, Democrats are now bragging about the money they’ve raised ahead of November, per The Hill.

Democrats on Pre-Midterms Fundraising

This past Saturday, the Democratic National Committee took to Twitter, boasting about raising over $16 million last month. On top of this, the DNC claims to have brought in more than $66 million since the start of 2022.

Democrats, of course, are eager to make the public believe this is a win for the political left. Per the DNC, Americans are just “fired up” about getting Democrats elected and re-elected.

Despite the money the DNC claimed to have garnered, the polls do not support the party’s claims that voters are chomping at the bit to vote for Democrats in November.

For months on end, polling has shown strong support for Republican candidates ahead of the midterms. GOP candidates have also been making headway in certain districts that were once viewed as reliably Democratic territory.

Naturally, the DNC didn’t mention this at all while touting its fundraising efforts.

More Information About Pre-Midterms Fundraising

In April, the GOP managed to bring in $14 million, while the DNC only raised $13 million. Republicans have been consistently calling out Democrats for the role they’ve played in crime, high prices, and other ailments facing the country.

Within the next five months, the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee will have more time to fundraise.

Americans who are eager for change are not likely to vote for lawmakers who are committed to keeping Biden’s agenda going and furthering his policies to the nation’s detriment.

Democrats, despite all the funds they’ve raised, are beating the drums of alarmism over projected GOP victories. The latest talking points claim that a “danger to democracy” is posed by Republicans winning the midterm races in November.

Ultimately, American voters will have the final say on that matter.

Do you believe the money the Democratic National Committee is reporting will help keep Democrats in power? Will Republicans still be able to win the midterm elections as expected? Be sure to share your forecasts about November in the comments area below.