DeSantis Gives Teachers in Florida Schools Control Over Social Media Use

This week on Tuesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a number of bills addressing schools in the state. One of them included legislation that would allow teachers to limit the usage of social media in their classrooms.

This bill also included protections for those teachers that report their own administrators for violations of state policies. Many have claimed both of those things to be nothing short of just common sense.

DeSantis shoots and he scores

The legislation itself came as a surprise to no one. DeSantis has been on a spree of education overhaul, including his bans on trans agenda and critical race theory in Florida classrooms, which he referred to as “woke activism.”

DeSantis explained the latest bill would give Florida teachers the right to establish rules on cellphone use in their classrooms during lesson time; although students would still be allowed to use their phones before class starts.

It’s surprising that something like this had to be signed into law to be accepted. Phone usage should’ve been limited in classrooms long ago, seeing as they’re nothing more than a distraction at a time when these kids should be learning.

His previous efforts when it comes to education reform have helped remove LGBTQ materials from Florida school libraries and even prevented students and teachers from using certain pronouns.

This was outlining DeSantis’ unflinching, conservative approach to governing.

Florida regains control of its classrooms

However, DeSantis’ rule has only brought good things to the Sunshine State; his success in the midterm elections serves to prove just how loved he is among the people of Florida.

Parents across the nation have been concerned about their children from the moment the gender identity movement began making the rounds on social media.

DeSantis merely prevented them from spreading their ideology in classrooms where these children should be absorbing knowledge rather than woke propaganda.

When signing the bill on Tuesday, DeSantis explained that teachers need to have the authority to limit social media use, simply because it helps remove a massive distraction from the classroom.

There’s no way a child is able to keep track of their lessons while also checking their social media accounts every other minute; when it comes to education, other, less important things, can certainly wait.

At a press conference, DeSantis added that he wishes Florida’s kids would be just like the generations before social media were, claiming platforms like Twitter and Facebook only create more issues rather than solve them.

Education in Florida should be as traditional as can be.