Detroit Tigers Offer to Fund Gender Transitions For Minors

"Detroit Tigers" by Michael Kumm

A special game honoring the LGBT community is in the plans of the Detroit Tigers baseball team.

The team’s press representatives claim it to be a celebration of the friends and families that are involved with the Pride community. In fact, it’s not the first time the team’s hosted this sort of event.

They started the trend in 2018, on June 26th, as a way of commemorating the then-four-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage in the US.

“2015 Detroit Tigers Kids’ Opening Day” by A Healthier Michigan

“Pride Night“ baseball game funds shady organizations

However, what separates this year’s event from the previous ones is it allows participants to support a local organization of choice when buying the tickets, presenting attendees with an avalanche of options.

Before this change, Pride Night was considered nothing more than a basic gay acceptance event, not different from the early Pride parades celebrating the integration of same-sex couples into public life in the states.

However, with recent LGBT activism, these events have taken a drastic turn for left-leaning political ideologies.

The Detroit Tigers aren’t an exception to this rule.

Among the groups event participants could choose from when buying their tickets, a majority of them support transgender identifications and  irreversible medical transitions for children.

Dozens of unethical LGBT organizations in Detroit

One example is PFLAG of Detroit, an LGBT organization that says in its Policy Statements the notion of there being only two genders may prompt some youth of different identities to not feel included.

Much like the recent fiasco with State Farm, they also promote a “Public Library Project” that donates LGBT propaganda books to public libraries, kindergartens, and schools.

Another one of these organizations is the Ruth Ellis Center.

It provides transitional care for trans youth, also including gender-affirming surgery, meaning they’re in full support of administering mind-altering drugs and performing irreversible surgeries on children.

They went as far as launching a propaganda campaign that aimed to water down the unethical procedure, claiming a lot of people under 18 years of age face numerous barriers when attempting to gain access to puberty blockers and gender-affirming hormones.

The list goes on. It includes organizations such as the Trans Sistas of Color, Fair Michigan, and Corktown Health, all of which either support or provide these procedures and body-altering chemicals to these young pliable minds.

At the very least, this is to be considered a radical initiative, especially given the experimental nature of these procedures.

Many progressive countries like Sweden have halted hormonal procedures for youth diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Unfortunately, not many event goers will put in the time to research any of these organizations.

It’s highly likely a majority of them don’t even know the atrocities carried out by the organizations they’re donating their money to.