DHS Admits Tens of Thousands of Migrant Children Are Being Trafficked for Labor!

It’s no secret that the Biden administration dropped the ball when it comes to handling the border situation, but things may be even worse than we initially thought.

As it turns out, the Department of Homeland Security was fully aware of what was going on with the thousands of unaccompanied alien children released into the US; they’ve done little to nothing to prevent it.

Human trafficking at an all-time high

There are dozens of reports of these kids being killed or injured while working at companies across the US.

It’s only recently been discovered that they’re being trafficked for labor, all right under Biden’s nose; there were more than a few chances to prevent it.

Senator Marsha Blackburn released a report from the DHS, showing that nearly 85,000 of these children who were released upon being detained at the border are now unaccounted for.

It’s possible they’re either being trafficked for labor, sexual exploitation, or have already become part of gangs across the country.

When Blackburn questioned DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on the status of these children, he failed to provide a clear answer, weaseling his way out of responsibility by claiming the department is doing everything in its power to crack down on these trafficking operations.

Joe’s personal human trafficking pipeline

Unfortunately, that’s only for the lucky ones who managed to walk away with a few bruises or cuts. Hundreds have already been found dead from being overworked or succumbing to injuries sustained in the workplace.

Instead of offering some clarity on the matter, Mayorkas only offered to hold those employing them accountable for child exploitation, without ever even hinting at any proper plans to prevent it from happening.

Federal investigators are already on the job. Several probes have been launched into the DHS to determine whether these UACs are purposely being trafficked to meatpacking companies and related industries as a form of cheap labor.

Whether they’re illegal aliens or not, these children deserve to be treated as human beings; the fact all of this is being overlooked by the Biden administration is concerning, to say the least.