Disney Hits New Low With Abortion Travel Cost Coverage

"Walt Disney World" by Iain

After some recent releases by Disney that practically teetered on the edge of what’s appropriate for children’s animation, it’d be hard to imagine the company could become any more pathetic.

Yet, just when we thought they’d hit rock bottom, Disney started digging.

Apparently, an e-mail memo was sent to employees by the Walt Disney Company, offering to cover their abortion-related travel costs if their residential state doesn’t allow the practice.

“Mickey Mouse.” by skyseeker

The mouse feeds into liberal propaganda

However, this risky move puts them in quite a pinch, considering that Florida is fighting a tough battle with the famous entertainment company over its opposition to the Parental Rights in Education bill.

A Disney executive spoke up on the matter, claiming they’re committed to removing barriers and providing high-quality, affordable care for all their employees and their families.

This does apply to reproductive care, for some reason.

The memo goes on to explain the company already implemented processes to allow employees to receive coverage for travel costs if their state doesn’t allow abortions, prompting near-instant backlash from the pro-life crowd.

Aside from opening the topic that’s become quite the can of worms in recent times, Disney’s care program also applies to cancer treatment, transplants, and rare disease treatment.

This is at least one positive in the company’s many questionable practices.

Virtue signaling at its finest

However, anyone with a good head on their shoulders saw the move as nothing more than virtue signaling.

Townhall editor Guy Benson pointed it out as well, adding this lets Disney hide the fact they don’t pay for parental leave or benefits for eliminated dependents.

Other Twitter users chimed in, adding their own thoughts, most of them shocked that a company like Disney is willing to pay for a child to be murdered, only to keep an employee in the workforce.

Ever since the company started feeding into these “woke” policies, its stock has plummeted. Its share price is down 47%, compared to last year, which is 27% more than the overall market decline of an approximate 20%.

What’s more, aside from a couple of remasters, Disney has yet to release something deserving of the title “masterpiece.”

They’ve been focusing on left-leaning animation, most of it poorly structured, with all the LGBTQ boxes checked so no one feels left out.

Despite being one of the greatest LGBT supporters in recent times, even members of the community are against their business strategy.

Many have pointed out that shoving these ideas down everyone’s throats isn’t exactly Disney’s best work.

As for the classics, they have remained the timeless works of art we’ve known them as for decades.

Although there’s no telling what the radical left may do to some of our most beloved characters if they’re given free rein over Disney’s creative processes.