Dr. Ben Carson Sounds Off on Biden for Playing the Race Card

Dr. Ben Carson isn’t too happy that Biden is planning on picking a Supreme Court Justice based on race, instead of credentials.

Soon after Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announced he was going to retire, Biden declared Breyer’s replacement would be a black woman.

Dr. Carson, in an interview with Fox News, described how playing identity politics is actually racist in itself.

It’s racist because you are picking people based on the color of their skin, rather than picking them based on their skill sets, characteristics, experience, and morality.

The Fox News host started off the interview by displaying statistics that revealed 76% of Americans prefer a Supreme Court justice based on qualifications; whereas 24% sided with Biden and believe the next Supreme Court justice should be decided by race.

In response to those statistics, Carson stated he was encouraged to see the large number of people who are pushing back against race-based ideology.

More on Dr. Carson’s Interview

Carson said although things look dark now, the light is about to shine forth because the left’s radicalism is waking up conservatives to start being on the offensive, instead of the defensive side of politics.

Governor Youngkin of Virginia is a prime example of Carson’s statement. The left’s CRT and vaccine mandates on children in schools brought out huge turnout to the polls in Virginia, which resulted in Youngkin being elected.

Carson went on to say Biden has now hurt the potential next Supreme Court justice because they will forever be known as the justice selected based on their race, instead of their qualifications.

You can check out the full interview here:

Tulsi Gabbard Also Called Biden Out for His Decision

Former Democratic lawmaker Tulsi Gabbard also didn’t agree with Biden’s declaration to choose the next United States Supreme Court justice based on race, instead of qualifications.

Gabbard stated Biden chose Kamala Harris based on identity politics and that has been a complete disaster.

Gabbard also formerly endorsed Biden after she dropped out of the 2020 presidential campaign race. Biden claims he will choose a black woman because it was his campaign promise, but the reality is he wants to appease the woke crowd.

Biden likewise had a campaign promise of not issuing vaccine mandates, but he broke that promise; so Biden’s promises don’t mean much.

Honestly, Biden should have never stated he would pick a justice based on race, but instead should have chosen the woman or man who is best for the job.

Previously, when Clarence Thomas became the first black Supreme Court justice, Biden (who was a senator at the time) was very hostile towards Thomas; so were dozens of other Democratic lawmakers who preach so much about equality and fairness.