Drunk Drivers in Tennessee Will Face New Penalties

Drunk driving is a very real problem here in America.

It unnecessarily claims many lives; yet, despite the legal penalties associated with this, some folks still choose to get behind the wheel when they know they’re under the influence of alcohol.

Unfortunately, many people who lose loved ones to drunk drivers have their lives changed forever.

This is especially true for young children who are forced to live without mothers or fathers, due to someone who chose to get behind the wheel of a vehicle amid intoxication.

However, the penalties for drunk drivers are increasing in magnitude.

In Tennesse, lawmakers have passed a bill that would leave drunk drivers on the hook for child support payments if one of their victims turns out to be a parent, according to The Blaze.

Anti-Drunk Driving Legislation Out of Tennessee

According to Tennessee’s newest legislation, drunk drivers who are convicted of murdering parents behind the wheel will be mandated to pay child support for the children these parents left behind.

Furthermore, the child support payments from drunk drivers will last until the children become 18 years of age.

Child support payments will likewise have to align with the living standards, needs, and resources the child had prior to the loss of their parent.

Should the drunk driver end up behind bars, then within 12 months of them being let out of prison, they’ll be obligated to begin making payments.

Thus far, the bill is on a positive trajectory, seeing as it’s passed in both the Tennessee House of Representatives and the Tennessee Senate. It now requires a signature from GOP Governor Bill Lee.

Widespread Support For Anti-Drunk Driving Legislation

At a time when political polarization is perhaps more intense than it’s ever been, the support for Tennessee’s new bill is widespread and bipartisan.

Conservatives and even Democrats on social media have praised this proposal. There have actually been calls for other states to adopt equivalent measures in their legislatures to further crackdown against drunk driving.

The new bill out of Tennessee was inspired by people who lost loved ones and parents to drunk drivers.

Most individuals can agree children’s lives shouldn’t further be ruined with loss of living standards, due to someone choosing to drive while under the influence of alcohol.

Time will tell whether or not other states pass laws like this into effect. Right now, Tennessee legislators are simply waiting for Governor Lee to give this bill the signature it needs to become the law of the land.

What do you think of the new Tennessee bill that would make drunk drivers who kill parents responsible for paying child support? Do you believe other states should pass equivalent laws?

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